Witz - the governor of Nikolayevshchina Vladimir Lusta left the Uniform Center because was frightened for the position?

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Deputy governor of the Nikolaev areaVladimir Lustauntil recently I headed the regional organization the Uniform Center. But I left ranks of this movement. According to the official version,To Vladimir Viktorovichit wasn't pleasant that after leavingVictor Balogifrom NSNU the Uniform Center too ceased to support the incumbent presidentVictor Yushchenko.

However present head of the regional organization Uniform CenterAlexander Bondarhas other opinion in this respect. After all I didn't make any official statements for an anti-presidential position of ETs. The opinion about itAlexander BondarI told in interview to the correspondent "Nikvestya" :

- I think,Vladimir Viktorovich LustaI left the Uniform Center to keep the influence in regional administration, to keep, probably, even the workplace, - he told. In June there was an information war, said that peopleБалогиstarted dismissing with the state posts that the task to move away all leaders of the regional organizations from the state posts is set. But, as time showed if who was dismissed, it is three - five people. The majority of people remained at the state positions. They are great managers, and it sees andVictor Andreevich Yushchenko, and the acting head of the Secretariat. It was information wave. Probably, it misledVladimir Lusta.


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