"Reform" in army on - Ukrainian - a new ceremonial step

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The Ukrainian soldiers will march a new ceremonial step - "national".

Such idea was put forward by the president and the commander-in-chief of VSU Victor Yushchenko, writes "Today".

The "national" step has to succeed "Prussian" which the Soviet armies marched earlier, and also the Ukrainian army uses now.

The new step is already developed and is at an introduction stage. To them two months trains to march staff of a guard of honor.

"We decided to simplify a ceremonial step, after all "Prussian" too difficult and intense", - one of founders of a "national" step, the commander of a battalion of a guard of honor of a separate regiment of the president Sergey Klyavlin explained.

"Almost all elements remained former, "Prussian", but everything is made more softly. Foot will raise now on 10-15 cm, instead of on 15-20 as was earlier. The knee is bent, but the foot falls a straight line, though is softer - the soldier doesn't mint about asphalt all foot, and does an easy rift", - he added.

According to Klyavlin, by preparation of a "national" ceremonial step it was necessary to study many archival materials about the Ukrainian army:

"Having worked with archives, we created 6 different options of a step, showed them to the president and stopped on what now we introduce".

"We made it on the basis of a step the sechevykh of Sagittariuses of UNR army of 1918. Certainly, modernized a little that our step looked it is modern", - he added.

Ceremonial steps of armies of the different countries proceed from two initial models - Prussian and British.

The first means not being bent feet and the extended sock, at the second knees of soldiers are bent, and the sock "behaves" more freely.


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