Yanukovych in Nikolayevshchina: Tymoshenko трынькает the state budget on the elections

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Victor Yanukovych accuses Yulia Timoshenko of use of budgetary funds for carrying out election campaign.

He told journalists about it it in Nikolaev on Tuesday.

According to Yanukovych, the unwillingness of the government to send to parliament the draft of the state budget for 2010 is connected with intention to use budgetary funds manually, including on carrying out election campaign.

"It is knitted with that the government doesn't want is transparent to use taxpayers money... If to look as election campaign is carried out, we will see that today the prime minister - the minister carries out the PR-of an action only at the expense of the budget", - he declared.

Besides, Yanukovych reminded that the government didn't report about implementation of the state budget in 2009году. According to him, budgetary funds also were used opaquely.

"They practically all this year it (the state budget 2009) used (government) on the discretion, breaking laws of Ukraine, the Constitution, without coordination with the Verkhovna Rada used budgetary funds", - Yanukovych told.

As it was reported, the first vice-the prime minister - the minister Oleksandr Turchynov declared that the government won't bring in parliament the changed draft of the state budget for 2010, yet won't receive to it offers on its change from the Verkhovna Rada.


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