Curator of the Nikolaev area from National Self-defense O. Novikov: Change in army on "national" won't take a ceremonial step it more efficient

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The president Victor Yushchenko with big - boards reports about reduction of term of military service for soldiers till 1 year, and recently initiated one more innovation - introduction in the Ukrainian army of a new, national ceremonial step. That is, soldiers, according to the President, surely have to learn to go on - new.

The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the Civil movement "National Self-defense", the curator of the Nikolaev area from National Self-defense Oleg Novikov considers that service life reduction in army is wrong: "When the President brags of it, to me is ridiculous because for 1 year of the soldier it is possible to teach unless to paint fences to dig holes and to clean snow. The soldier who only a year serves in army is not the soldier, and the child whom for some time tore off from a mother's skirt, or the student whom expelled from institute for bad study. For 1 year of service of the cool expert not to prepare and effect from this service same as well as in case soldiers serve only 3 months. Therefore the army has to be contract, as though politicians wanted it or not", reported in a press - service "National self-defense".

According to Oleg Novikov, the President as the commander-in-chief has to worry about that at last the Ukrainian army received the Minister of Defence, instead of acting as that the army ceased to use the obsolete weapon, and seized modern samples of arms. "About what reform it is possible to speak when the Ukrainian army only the 2nd refused footcloths which nobody uses 70 years years ago! ", - the deputy told. Therefore about a new ceremonial step Oleg Novikov perceives Yushchenko's next initiative critically: "The president has to care of that soldiers of the Ukrainian army had a convenient that they lived in barracks of the European type that officers and ensigns had a salary at the same level, as well as in armies of the developed countries form. And already what step they will go thus is already a minor matter! ".

"Me as the citizen of Ukraine, that we have ships which don't go, submarines which don't plunge, and planes which don't fly disturbs more, and pilots fulfill the skills on exercise machines. Here it has to disturb the President first of all! ", - Oleg Novikov added.


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