The candidate Yanukovych in Nikolaev didn't have enough mad grandmas – people 150 …

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For Yanukovych's visit in Nikolaev prepared in large quantities, but not really carefully. In total «palatochnik» this day, probably, trained to wave flags and quickly to dress blue «special clothes» , therefore propaganda materials on the street this day didn't distribute.

In the afternoon when the leader with companions arrived by the two charter planes, and I went to a car to the city - people built in a kilometer column, as the Chinese wall. Only the live. Truly, everything that doesn't kill us, us tempers. Here they also became tempered on a frost.

Especially nobody invited people to Lenin Square - there was no mailing in mass media (at least, in liberally adjusted it wasn't exact), posters didn't hang, invitations weren't distributed. But in the late afternoon on the square started bringing buses with people - specially trained which, probably, passed security service survey regarding lack of eggs artfully hidden in the bosom - at the main regional on them faints happen.

To mass meeting distributed special clothes and flags. People, generally collected middle age. Not especially violent, capable to sustain a chilling wind and not on - Nikolaev cold evening. The frozen people hopped under Taisiya Povaly waiting for the leader. She once again told the same, as during last visit with Yanukovych's propaganda - the orange power oppressed her, Taya had to run from the country, mother at it for Yanukovych - means, all should be for Yanukovych. Even, it was all the same pleasant to for whom it didn't seem thorough argument for a choice of the president to listen to a gold voice of the Ukrainian platform. Igor Likhuta, a wind persecuted and a blizzard stuzhimy, didn't depart from a stage on which his darling appeared.


Crossing waves of people in the forefront mass meetings I hit into a nose alcoholic «штын». People were responsible, normally behaved, and it isn't surprising that tried «to be warmed» strong drinks.


On a warming up at Yanukovych acted vice-the mayor Yury Granaturov. As didn't swear, the head of the regional party organization of Party of Regions Sergey Mayboroda swore that politicians and officials are «The VIP - propagandists» - they the work for the benefit of a city community agitate. And if want to agitate - let take vacation.Sergey Fedotovich, it is possible to consider, what Yury Granaturov went on leave?

And now imagine a picture - you the ardent admirer of the candidate, had an opportunity to see personally the leader, to listen that it will tell personally to you, time arrived to you on the small homeland, you left the warm apartment or asked for leave a bit earlier from work, came to meeting, long froze on an icy cold and a frost - and here it is hour of H day D! The leader steps on the stage! But doesn't want to freeze…Speaks less than five minutes, says that in general to go here it dissuaded - here and so all the - it is necessary to overpersuade the others, promises what to live begins better and more cheerful (and for all years of the stay in policy, it, probably, could make nothing because had no completeness of the power or there yet I had no something), shakes a hand that who was especially baizes and could roll over partially through a protection, is developed and leaves. In five minutes of happiness - a complete set of sharp respiratory virus infections in the best time of the second wave of flu. Thanks, Victor Fedorovich, for ours «happy» December 15. And to you not to be sick.

Taisiya Povaly continued chants, then relay was intercepted by Victor Pavlik who was much more modest in propaganda.

Upon termination of a concert people handed over flags and started dispersing quickly. Some tents with leaflets which were on the square were curtailed - scattered on the ground propaganda materials became blue against white snow. Couple of propaganda materials was picked up by the grandmother passing by. «What, Yanukovych came?». Grandmothers also didn't know. They, maybe, also came. They here didn't suffice for surroundings. The candidate for president didn't have enough mad grandmas - people 150…


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