For bad work the head of the Nikolaev ELU of "Highways" is detached. Instead of it the city hall

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ZhEKI in Nikolaev don't cope with winter which has suddenly appeared suddenly in the middle of December. Roads are swept up by snow, the most part of minibuses simply doesn't go. Head of the deputy commission of questions of transportDmitry Nikonov"Nikvestyam" situation with city transport. I commented

- Minibuses didn't come to a route only because the road condition awful, - was told by him. - And I won't hide thatPolozhenko(the head of ELU of "Highways") and our housing and communal services department as a whole overslept that weather situation which occurs. It completely their wine. I think that in this case the mayor has to consider a question of compliance to posts of our heads in housing and communal services department and heads of the municipal enterprises. Because yesterday, for example, at meeting of our commissionSergey Shulgaeven I offered the transport to department in order that this transport too worked at the street. Our transport doesn't consult. I understand, it is difficult to buy snow-removing equipment on that two - three weeks when at us it is heavy in the city. But it needs all the same to be done. Those 11 pieces of equipment which went outside, don't consult. It is awful. And I consider that here completely wine of housing and communal services department. Not transport workers, and housing and communal services department. If the department cleaned roads, minibuses everything would leave.

At the beginning of meeting 42-й City Council sessions on December 17 mayorVladimir ChaikaI declared thatoustshead of ELU of "Highways"Valeria Polozhenko. Instead of it to solve a problem the mayor appointed the deputyYury Granaturovand the adviser Nikolay Tsekhan. Today after a dinner these people have to report about the taken measures.

The deputy of the City Council from Green PartyAlexander Zholobetskyquite emotionally I expressed concerning the decision made by the mayor.

- And you foreknew all services about weather conditions, - he toldTo Vladimir Chaikaduring session. - You do today all guilty. You dismiss Polozhenko. IfNovozhilov(the head of the department of housing and communal services - with a bus) it is sick, let there is his deputy and will tell why the equipment of ELU of "Highways" didn't leave. And then we will solve.And that turns out that all around are guilty, and you don't. At yesterday's meeting in Polozhenko's executive committee wasn't. And you didn't ask it, he is ready or not.

On itVladimir Chaika told:

- I already said that all services which are responsible for a situation, will act after a dinner. Polozhenko didn't cope with a task which I gave him. So to me now to assume responsibility? My deputies work and get paid. If people to whom I trust, don't consult, they won't work. Yesterday in the 11th evenings we still sat to organize work.

After that answerZholobetskyI took a step back, I began to smile:

- Vladimir Dmitriyevich, I on - friendly, I don't apply … - he told.

- Write the application - and I will appoint you (probably, to the place of Polozhenko - a bus) - the mayor told.

Apparently, to write the g application - NZholobetsky doesn't gather.

Having learned about that Valery Polozhenko is ousted, someone from present at a sessional hall told that it needed to be made long ago, and some deputies for it interceded and told that vice-the mayor Granaturov is better, than Valery Polozhenko, won't understand a situation.

- Already I understood, - I toldVladimir Chaika. - After a dinner he will tell.

DeputyNikonovI assured the correspondent "Nikvestya" that it, as the head of the commission of transport questions, together with the deputy mayorAlexander Zhenzherukhoytake measures that all minibuses came to the line and transported residents in a necessary mode.


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