Yushchenko's team is sure that he can't but win

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Of a president's team of Victor Yushchenko are sure that he will win elections on January 17 the next year.

It was declared by the head of the secretariat of the president Vera Ulyanchenko in interview to the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine".

"Because he will win! ", - she declared in response to a question why Yushchenko often repeats what exactly he will be a president.

"He knows it, he told it in 2004 and speaks now. And it not mere words: I am sure of it and our team", - Ulyanchenko noted.

"And it can't but occur because the Ukrainian people - clever and conscious", - she is sure.

Ulyanchenko noted that on the Inter channel survey was conducted recently: Whether "The question of history of Ukraine, the Holodomor and language is important for you? " - and "from 100 people 70 answered "yes".

"And you think, what these citizens won't vote for Yushchenko? I don't think that the one who came to the Maidan for the sake of freedom and democracy, will give today the vote for those who hates these categories", - the head of the secretariat of the president declared.

On a question, whether she is afraid that at the end of election campaign against Yushchenko will think up any "sneer company", it noted: "It is possible to think up anything. Here it is easy. And if politicians consider that it is so possible to conduct political campaign, how it seems to me, people already don't react to it".

"It is possible to think up "The declaration of the poor Cinderella", but I am not sure that citizens will believe in it. As they don't believe and that in one fractions oligarchs are enemies of the people, and in others - oligarchs same the best friends of the people", - Ulyanchenko told.

"And the sneer company is always part of election campaign, from it anywhere you won't get to. Personally I would like that ideas competed, programs that they were directed on democracy promotion, Ukrainian state, instead of split", - were noted by her.

Ulyanchenko "is sure that people won't react to it, and, on the contrary, will remember who is the effective leader".

"Victor Yushchenko managed to enter hryvnia", - she told.

"Being the prime minister, it had no majority in parliament, didn't favor it and the president (Leonid) Kuchma. But it went to Rada with the law on the wholesale market of the electric power which allowed to forget about "fan" shutdowns forever.Then pensions, salaries were paid, refused barter", - Ulyanchenko emphasized.

"It was difficult - to cancel 1130 resolutions in one day! I know, what waves rose, including in this building (the secretariat of the president) because barter was rescue of economy of Ukraine. And after that the country received the budget, paid off with debts - and since 2000 national economy growth" began, - she declared.


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