Pogrebinsky: Балога reminds Tymoshenko that she didn't satisfy a condition of blackmail

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The statement of the head of the Secretariat president Victor Balogi that the agreement on creation of the coalition of democratic forces didn't become a basis of activity of the parliamentary majority and the Cabinet of Ministers created by it is a continuation of war which wage the government and the president. It in the comment of AMI "News — Ukraine" was declared by the director of the Center of political researches and conflictology Mikhail Pogrebinsky.

He noted that it is necessary to understand that war is a consequence of a certain blackmail. According to the political scientist, the coalition really undertook to adopt 12 bills. "But it is actually clear that the majority of these bills the coalitions by blackmail are imposed. It is clear, that Victor Yushchenko's bill of the Cabinet - unconstitutional, and any political force which plays by rules, would have to tell that can't assume the obligation to vote for such bill as it not the constitutional. On what Yushchenko has to suggest to coordinate acceptable option", - the expert speaks.

Pogrebinsky draws a conclusion that it didn't occur because the president understood that uses a blackmail method. Yushchenko says that in case of disagreement won't bring the candidate of the prime minister from the coalition, the political scientist explains. At the same time he pays attention that the head of state has the right to bring the candidate of the prime minister, and at this Yushchenko time the president refers to legal casuistry supposedly is present at process of introduction of the candidate, so it can it and not bring. Though for any European politician which to translate the corresponding norm of the Constitution, will tell that the president, without doubts, carries out formal function of introduction, instead of the actual function of coordination as it interprets, the director of the Center of political researches and conflictology speaks.

Pogrebinsky notes that earlier Yulia Timoshenko was compelled to give in to blackmail of the president."But today the situation was at such end of the resources that as the government in a blackmail situation from the Secretariat can't work because then will fail all the plans and will lose a rating, she (Tymoshenko) decided to act with such way: all decisions of the president which they consider illegal, they won't carry out about what the prime minister told openly. In reply the president directly doesn't react every day. Today its alter - an ego - Baloga who it does with the consent of the president reacts, in it there are no doubts. He says: you 12 bills didn't vote, so didn't satisfy a blackmail condition therefore further we will blackmail you", - the expert argues.

According to the political scientist as the situation completely deadlock (in the sense that neither the president, nor the prime minister can't win it), isn't present other exit how to depart on a step, but already in a situation when Yushchenko let know that his illegal decrees won't carry out. Now they have to try to agree at new level, Pogrebinsky considers.

As it was reported, on Tuesday, May 6, the head of the Secretariat of the president of Ukraine Victor Baloga I declared

that the analysis of implementation of the agreement on creation of the coalition of democratic forces in the Verkhovna Rada of the VI convocation gives all grounds for sad ascertaining that for today this document didn't become a basis of activity of the parliamentary majority and the Cabinet created by it.

According to its conclusions, coalition arrangements still don't define neither priority, nor logic of actions and decisions on the line "Rada — Cabinet of Ministers". Deviations from provisions of the agreement became constant and obvious, and productivity of its performance rose a little above than a zero mark, noted Baloga. So, according to him, from twelve bills which needed to be considered and taken even before vote for the candidate the prime minister - the minister, two are completely accepted only: about charter ratification GUAM and purpose of snap elections in Kiev.

"Using army lexicon, the coalition and the government ran away to absence without leave. It is convinced that their direct commanders - voters - it is far not delighted with such liberties", - the head of the Secretariat of the president emphasized.

He noted that points of the coalition contract are an unconditional priority for all his subjects, including for the prime minister - the minister and officials.Therefore non-compliance with the agreement or the conscious decision-making contradicting its letter and spirit, undermine legitimacy of the majority.

It, according to him, also concerns also stay at positions of the ministers appointed by the coalition. "The agreement is not the beautiful declaration, and the accurate plan of action plus responsibility for failure of its performance of everything who is connected by coalition arrangements", - told Baloga.


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