The Odessa National sea academy confirmed – the vessel "PREVENTER" can come to the mooring "NIBULONA"

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The Odessa National sea academy took out Primary scientifically - the technical expert opinion on opportunity and an admissibility of pilot conducting, mooring and a CH-70 vessel otshvartovka at JSC JV NIBULON mooring (on the example of the PREVENTER bulk ship - L = 227 m, B = 32,2 m, H = 19,4 m) with which once again I confirmed - the vessel "PREVENTER" can come to the NIBULON company mooring.

The conclusion which has been taken out by research associates of Academy, once again broke unmotivated, illegal and illegal actions of the captain of port GP "Nikolaev Sea Trade Port" Pavel Ryabchikov, the chief of this port Vasily Kapatsyna and supported their Ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine headed by the Acting minister Vasily Shevchenko of blocking of calling of the vessel "PREVENTER" to JSC JV NIBULON mooring in Nikolaev.

In the conclusion of Academy of December 18, 2009 it is noted, we quote: "From - for absence of the passport on the first a bend of the channel of the water area of Nikolaev port experimental single conducting, mooring, loading and an otshvartovka and a conclusion in CH-70 vessel BDLK, under following conditions is possible:

- wind to 5 m/s;

- use of a tow with a power of 3800 kW (4680 h.p.) on a nose and a tow of 1900 kW (2 400 h.p.), with the warrant, as shown in fig. 2, thus from a nose and a stern the ends have to be given through central клюз;

- length of the towing ends to 50 m, thus to regulate in freight it is less, in a ballast it is more;

- at departure from JSC JV NIBULON mooring on approach the channel to the mooring of JSC JV NIBULON to carry out turn, whenever possible, on the operational water area to reduce width of maneuverable shift and to fit into the existing width of the channel;

- admissible a deposit makes 9,0 meters (given to "0" NMTP) without the wind-induced phenomena, and at their emergence loading can be increased by height of the wind-induced phenomena, but no more than 9,2 m".

This conclusion of Academy was approved by the vice rector for scientific work, the Doctor of Engineering, professor Vladimir Golikov.

In this regard a press - the service JSC JV NIBULON declares that the message prepared by the Nikolaev sea trade port of December 21, 2009 about this conclusion of Academy is purposely distorted and isn't true. The port once again showed that a manipulation terms and the facts, their juggling, the perversion, given out wished for valid, and also the frank lie and lies, conscious introduction of the public in delusion are usual practice in its activity.

In this message of port it is noted, in particular, that conducting of a CH-70 vessel is possible "only in a single experimental mode". It anything else, as conscious shift of accents to distort the truth. Apparently from the document, "conducting, mooring, loading and an otshvartovka and a conclusion in BDLK of a CH-70 " vessel is possible as "experimental single" from - for absence "passports on the first a bend of the channel of the water area of Nikolaev port". It should be noted that responsibility for existence of the passport is conferred on GP "NMTP" and Ministry of Transport which doesn't control the subordinated organizations. And practically on their fault normal operation of the first bend of the channel of the water area of Nikolaev port is impossible. Then that money took, in the maintenance of channels wasn't engaged, and now also fault to us shifts. Here so our state enterprises want to evade responsibility.

On the requirement of dockers, JSC JV NIBULON provided the corresponding documentary confirmations of ensuring risks by the corresponding insurance covering and the bank guarantee, and also own guarantee of JSC JV NIBULON.

The owner of the vessel "PREVENTER" has the insurance policy of P&I Club Sculd which covers all risks and responsibility of the owner of the vessel, connected with vessel "PREVENTER" operation.

The civil liability of JSC JV NIBULON as owner of the zernoperegruzochny terminal before the third parties is insured according to the contract No. 773 of 30.04.09.

Documents are provided to the Ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine, the head of Public administration of sea and river transport, the director of GP "The Delta — the Pilot", the director of GP "Chernomorniiproyekt", the rector of the Odessa national sea academy and the captain of GP "Nikolaev Sea Trade Port".

We consider that the provided materials are sufficient and exhaustive confirmation of that all probable risks connected with conducting of a vessel and loading at the mooring of JSC JV NIBULON of the vessel "PREVENTER", have a necessary insurance and guarantee covering that provides reliable protection of interests, both the shipowner of the vessel "PREVENTER", and the state of Ukraine.


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