On Vasya Protyvsikh's aiming the Central Electoral Commission took out Tymoshenko's prevention

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The Central Election Commission recognized illegal actions of the candidate for president, the prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko concerning conducting pre-election campaign during its business trip in the Chernigov area on December 17.

The relevant decision was made at Central Election Commission meeting on Thursday.

8 members of the commission voted for this decision, 4 - against, 2 - refrained.

Besides, the Central Election Commission declared Tymoshenko the prevention for attraction to carrying out pre-election campaign of subordinates, office transport and other resources.

Such decision was made according to the complaint of the candidate for president Vasily Protyvsikh.

He asked the Central Election Commission to declare Tymoshenko the prevention for violation of the law presidential elections concerning carrying out pre-election campaign.

In the complaint Protyvsikh noted that it, staying with working visit in Chernigov as the prime minister - the minister, carried out propaganda and acted as the candidate in the President.

He emphasized that according to the law on elections Presidents to executive authorities and local government, and also to their officials it is forbidden to take part in pre-election campaign.

Besides the decision approved by the Central Election Commission, at meeting the draft of the resolution offered by the member of the commission Zhanna Usenko - Black in which it was offered to leave Protyvsikh's complaint without consideration was discussed because Central Election Commission the prime minister - the minister isn't authorized to consider the complaint to actions of the highest officials, in particular.

6 of 14 present members of the commission voted for the approval of this project for a basis only.

In turn the member of the Central Election Commission Mikhail Okhendovsky during consideration of this project noted that the Central Election Commission can consider this complaint as the materials given Protyvsikh to the complaint, testify that Tymoshenko took part in performance in Chernigov as the candidate for president that gives the grounds of the commission to consider the complaint in fact.

Making comments on the position, the member of the Central Election Commission Andrey Magera noted complexity of differentiation of actions of the person which is holding a position in executive authorities and at the same time being the candidate for president.

In his opinion, such official in fact loses opportunity to take part in electoral process and to carry out.


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