Unpshniki consider that Ukraine has to demand from the Russian Federation KADYROV'S dismissal

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The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has to address in the UN Security Council and to the president of the Russian Federation with the requirement immediately to dismiss the Governor of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov as, according to norms of international law, his statement concerning Ukraine is a direct appeal to aggression", - declared Hera of Ukraine, the board member of the Ukrainian People's Party Stjepan CHMARA.

However, on belief of the politician, the statement of the president of Chechnya isn't his own initiative, and most likely were directed in the Kremlin: "It is obvious that after negative international reaction to the anti-Ukrainian reproaches the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation PUTIN, chose other tactics when aggressive attacks go from heads of subjects of Federation and by that reaction of Ukraine and world community" is checked.

"Reaction of the Ukrainian party has to be rigid, differently there is nothing to expect respect for our state and the rights of her citizens", - Stjepan CHMARA emphasized.

It is information:

In interview to the British newspaper Telegraph R. Kadyrov declared literally the following: "The Russian government needs to develop strategy, it is necessary to attack. Georgia and Ukraine is our illness and if to make nothing, it only will amplify. Why we have to suffer? We - great force, at us are army and technologies. We need to go to attack".

Ramzan Kadyrov is Ahmad Kadyrov's son, the mufti of Chechnya who at Dudaev in 1995 called from screens of TVs on the Chechen television "to cut Russians as dogs". Later Russia was compelled to go for negotiations with Ahmad Kadyrov. Moreover, he headed the pro-Russian Administration of Chechnya. His name in Moscow called the street.

After Ahmad Kadyrov's death Russia anything the best how to call on Ramzan Akhmadovich Kadyrov's presidency, didn't think up.Today Chechnya and isn't controlled further almost by Russia, the role of Russia is reduced only to deduction of Chechnya on "balance" - the share of own tax and non-tax income of Chechnya in structure of the budget of Chechnya makes only 8,5%, the others (91,5%) injections of the federal budget of Russia. Ramzan Kadyrov so surely feels on hand the Russian money that may be


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