The Nikolaev and Odessa seamen from the vessel Ariana will return home in a week

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The situation with the vessel Ariana with the Ukrainian crew released from piracy captivity, is settled, the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko on the air on Inter TV channel declared.

The president reported that "about 10-11 o'clock in the morning of Ariana there will begin movement to the nearest port". "In 6-9 days our guys will be in the plane on the way home", - V. Yushchenko assured. According to its data, the vessel will move accompanied by NATO ship.

V. Yushchenko noted that the crew refused will return to Ukraine in faster way twice and will carry out the contract with the employer. "The owner of the ship carried out full calculations with pirates, with crew members", - V. Yushchenko added.

We will remind, on December 24 of this year the chairman of Service of foreign intelligence Nikolay Malomuzh predicted that seamen from the vessel Ariana will return to Ukraine after New year. "I don't want to say that about New year, but right after New year, most likely, the vessel will arrive to the port, and the team will return to Ukraine", - N. Malomuzh told. According to him, difficulties with return of seamen home are connected with that on a vessel there is no fuel, and to it directed a tow for refueling. "It goes in very difficult situation, for one thousand kilometers, goes to the storm period, against the current, and therefore its movement is slowed down", - he added. Thus the chairman of SVR hoped that in the next few days the tow will achieve the objectives, the vessel will be refueled, and also the vessel bottom as it acquired seaweed then Ariana will arrive to the nearest port will be cleared, from where seamen will be delivered to Ukraine.

Earlier N. Malomuzh predicted that 24 seamen from the vessel Ariana will arrive to Ukraine till 2010

As it was reported, on December 10 of this year N. Malomuzh declared that 2,8 million dollars of SVR of Ukraine were paid for vessel Ariana release from captivity of the Somali pirates in interaction of partner intelligence services provided to the shipowner assistance in the solution of a wide range of questions. The coordinated sum of repayment was delivered to a vessel by an air way. Operation on release of the vessel Ariana began on December 10 at 6:45 and ended around 15:00 across Kiev.

Citizens of Ukraine were in captivity at pirates more than half a year.Numerous attempts to agree with them didn't bring result. On the one hand, the issue who all - will pay repayment - the state or the owner of the Ariana bulk ship was long resolved. On the other hand, the sum of the repayment also was the most uncertain subject of negotiations. According to different data, pirates demanded for release of the bulk ship and team from 3,5 to 5 million dollars

The Ariana bulk ship which went under the flag of Malta and transported 35 thousand tons of soy from Brazil to Iran, was captured by pirates on the night of May 2, 2009. Ariana the Tandela Shiping company registered on Malta owns. The vessel is in management at the Greek company Alloceans Shipping Cо. Ltd. In captivity pirates had a crew as a part of 24 Ukrainians - inhabitants of the Odessa and Nikolaev areas.


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