The governor of Nikolayevshchina told about the blocked accounts of area and possible state of emergency-2010

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New Year's Eve - on December 30 - a press - conference of the head of the Nikolaev regional state administration Alexey Garkusha turned out not really festive. Though first information inspired optimism: the regional budget is executed for 107,6% (and it is 3% more, than the regional budget of 2008 was executed). Thanks to it following the results of 9 months it was succeeded to redistribute 12 million UAH, and following the results of the fourth quarter the area will receive in addition 30-40 million more UAH. Also Nikolayevshchina didn't bring and on receipts in the State budget - indicators are executed for 114%.

"It is not my merit, - the governor Alexey Garkusha told. - It is a merit of all population of the Nikolaev area".

But in this situation the management of area had to face another - accounts are blocked by regional office of State treasury, areas don't allow to dispose of own means and to make necessary payments. According to A.Garkusha, the regional office of State treasury finances only a salary, and other articles - unprotected articles of the regional budget, construction, ecological programs and other - No. For the morning on December 29 on State treasury accounts 28 million UAH, for the morning on December 30 - 17 million UAH were blocked. But the problem that objects which were under construction for means of the regional budget, continue to be put in operation, and to pay work of builders isn't present any opportunity.

- "Guerrilla warfare" problems in these questions were not only at this government. There were cases when certain expenses, especially capital character, were planned on 4-й quarter, in 4 - m quarter - for December, and in December - on the 24th. On December 24 means arrived on building of this or that object, there, above, "birdie" was put that the area is financed.

And on December 25 because the area didn't use means, these means came back to the State budget.Also it turned out that the government good, financed everything, found the fool who will be responsible for it (which, you see in a night didn't construct school, hospitals and other), and will tell, what it clever. These means, as a rule, were started up then on social payments, and, as a rule, all this became in pre-election years, - the head of the regional state administration told.

But difference of this situation from before happening all - is. According to the governor, always there was "cover" - any normative document which regulated activity of the same State treasury. But now such normative document isn't present, and "heads of offices of State treasury as a shish kebab strung and twist on a spit" (so figuratively I described a situation in which there were heads of regional offices of State treasury the governor). Therefore at regional level according to the order of the governor the special commission as a part of financiers was created, representatives of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and SBU which fixes actions of regional office of State treasury and whenever possible tries to influence. And here with what such actions of State treasury are connected, the governor explained as the economist.
- I understand that Ukraine appeared in a difficult situation: year comes to an end, money isn't present, the IMF gives nothing. What exit: "to close" salaries and to stop financing, to save up means, to pay on January 4 pensions and to pay off with Russia for gas. But not all knew and know that the credits at the IMF undertook on very short prospect (on two - three months) under very big percent. And in January of the IMF it is necessary to pay 30 billions. In this situation very much smells slightly of a default. I don't want to frighten, but the financial situation difficult, and a default is an emergency situation, - Alexey Garkusha told.


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