Elections are financed for 30%. There are few hours

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Preparation of presidential elections is financed only for 30%, the member of the Central Election Commission Mikhail Okhendovsky declares.

"As of 12 hours on December 30 the State treasury and its regional divisions from 191 791 059 UAH necessary for financing of preparation of presidential elections in 2009, registered payments only for the sum of 58 192 893 UAH", - the member of the Central Election Commission declares.

"Thus, elections are financed only for 30,34%", - Okhendovsky emphasizes. According to him, "necessary means had to arrive into the Central Election Commission account still on October 22, 2009".

"The expenses necessary for preparation of elections of the president in 2009, can be financed only till 12 o'clock on December 31. So, counting goes already at all for days, and for hours", - the member of the Central Election Commission warns.

Okhendovsky considers that "officials of State treasury have to take urgently exhaustive measures for financing of preparation of elections in full, or to call that person, to "the special order" which financing is blocked".

"In case lack of financing is explained by banal lack of means accounts of the State treasury, instead of someone's evil intention, it is necessary to declare it honestly", - the member of the Central Election Commission is convinced.

"We continue to hope for fast and effective reaction to this situation from the State Office of Public Prosecutor and attraction guilty of failure of financing of elections of officials to responsibility", - he adds.

According to Okhendovsky, not financed there are expenses of the Central Election Commission on total amount of 39 363 185 UAH, in particular on an advance payment полиграфкомбинату "Ukraine" for production of ballots in the sum of 15 million 990 thousand UAH

Also expenses on production of other documentation, necessary quantity of ballot boxes instead of unsuitable for use, fee of mass media, etc.

aren't financed

According to information available for the Central Election Commission, from 225 district election commissions the registered obligations only 17 are in full financed.

The management of district election commissions reports the Central Election Commission that the staff of regional divisions of State treasury refers to the indication of own management not to register payments of election commissions "until further notice".


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