Boundary the governor of Nikolayevshchina and a regional council there is no confrontation?

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On taken place on December 30 a press - conferences the head of the Nikolaev regional state administration Alexey Garkushu journalists asked to comment on tension fueled recently with regional council.

As already wrote, it especially became obvious on the last, December, regional council sessions. Besides that practically in each decision deputies condemned actions of the management of the regional state administration, the head of a regional council Tatyana Demchenko told that as it was better worked with the regional state administration under the leadership of Alexander Sadykov. But, as Alexey Garkusha assured, "no personal conflict is present", and "opposition - is decided".

However the conflict nevertheless is, and it is the conflict of approaches to the solution of this or that question. It became clear from examples given by A.Garkusha.

In particular, an example with distribution of school buses. According to the governor, the area received 9 buses acquired for means of the state budget, and areas in area - 19, and all of them need school buses. Therefore the regional state administration suggested to distribute 10 school buses bought for means of the regional budget, to those areas which didn't receive buses this year.

But deputies solved differently, and the head of the regional state administration sees in it emotional approach to a solution.

- The manager won't be until then the cool manager, yet won't learn to speak "no" when it is required. Wants to help, and I as the person, I understand each deputy, each fraction. But we have to speak about approaches, - the governor told.

As for behavior of the head of department concerning property of municipal property of Yulia Kravchenko who refused to report on deputies on the airport, how A.Garkusha told, "not Kravchenko makes the decision, and the head of the regional state administration".

And in this case such decision was made as the question on the airport "arose some days before session, and we according to regulations have to give a question in 20 days".

"Anybody won't work at a podtantsovka and can't", - the governor told.

Is at A.Garkusha and the position in an airport question.He says that the decision on privatization of the airport was made in 2007 and after that deputies didn't make any decisions. Besides, the enterprise assessment (it was made at the end of June, 2008, and it is valid only half a year) became outdated for a long time. Therefore nobody went for violation and didn't continue work on enterprise privatization.

Though isn't present, someone - the governor didn't tell who - nevertheless continued some steps on privatization from subordinates of the governor, and as Alexey Garkusha promised, after completion of work at the airport of the special commission the guilty will be punished.

The governor gave and an explanation why Kurgan of Slava wasn't transferred to the regional municipal possession (at December session deputies of a regional council very much were indignant with that the regional state administration didn't make anything in order that Kurgan of Slava became regional municipal property). On A.Garkusha's explanation, it is impossible to transfer before the end of repair this object to the regional municipal possession. Though that it needs to be made, the governor has no doubts. Here only he doesn't approve haste.

"If at someone itch, it is necessary to smear with brilliant green", - only and the governor told.

As a whole Alexey Garkusha considers that approach of elections affected strain of relations between YEAH and a regional council. Therefore it isn't casual that after control of a social security transferred to disabled people the acquired specialcars, "to a dogonka there went the corresponding deputies with the relevant TV channels, newspapers - to be photographed in an embrace". By the way, the fact of not invitation of deputies on delivery of cars too was discussed at session, and too caused a negative assessment.

It is necessary to add that the governor everything is commented on Tatyana Demchenko's words about "the best regional state administration" and threw a stone into A.Sadykov's kitchen garden:

"The same structure of a regional council received 1,5 million t of grain, empty treasury, didn't receive any additional resources and even planned receipts weren't".


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