V. Merikov: ""The sigma - sports" supported and will support the Nikolaev sports! "

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Last week the city of Nikolaev was stirred up by news that club of the first league of the championship of Ukraine on IFC soccer "Nikolaev" became history.

On June 26 it became known that the IFC management "Nikolaev" sent the letter to Professional football league of Ukraine in which reported that the team is removed from the championship of Ukraine.

On June 27, the president of IFC "Nikolaev" Sergey Dergunov made the statement that general sponsors stopped financing of the soccer team, acting in the first league of national championship. In this regard it stops membership in Professionally - football league of Ukraine and stops the existence.

We will remind that still a year ago to the city authorities the offer on change of a form of financing of team, and attraction to it three more - four main sponsors was brought. But these offers and remained to be groundless.

On July 1 on council of PFL of Ukraine in Kiev the decision on removal of team of IFC "Nikolaev" from the championship of Ukraine in the first league is made.

And already next day, the Nikolaev mayor V. Chaika, on the press - conferences, actually, all responsibility for the events, threw on sponsors of team of JSC Sigma-sport. Moreover V. Chaika transferred a situation round IFC "Nikolaev" to the political plane.

"Me used, as an elastic band. We gave "Sigma - sports" base of football players, the earth under the markets. Why BYuT puts pressure upon me? What, Bogomaz doesn't influence Zabzalyuk? I don't trust. I had conflicts from - for BYuT with Garkusha, Sadykovy, Kruglovy. And I spoke to all: "They hold soccer". And now they threw me", - declared on a press - conferences Vladimir Chaika.

At once there is a question - and and BYuT and policy in general to the Nikolaev soccer? During the press - conferences the mayor sounded many questions, but the majority of them to a situation round IFC "Nikolaev" have no relation.

We will return to a situation round football club. We managed to ask some questions to the chairman of the board of JSC Sigma-sport, the deputy of the Nikolaev city council, the chairman of the land commission Vadim Mrikov. "The sigma - sports" was the sponsor of IFC "Nikolaev".

He noted that it was very difficult to take such step. "Recently, it became very difficult for us to find funds for the maintenance of team. JSC Sigma-sport worked with losses. Considering that everything rose in price several times, salaries to players and the personnel of team, petrol price were raised, on various services and so on we alone aren't able to contain team", - V. Merikov explained.

According to him, the decision it was accepted not in one day and the mayor I was aware of affairs. "The letter in which all problems and that are accurately specified was sent to the mayor of Nikolaev that JSC Sigma-sport isn't able to pull club alone. And what the mayor made? ", - Vadim Ivanovich raised before us a question.

And it is valid, what the mayor made? And by and large - anything! As it was succeeded to learn, it simply painted the letter on the deputies of T. Bugayenko and M. Rozdobudko, with an addition "to understand and report". What exactly his deputies reported on V. Chaika it isn't known, but his position on the matter became known only on a press - conferences.

As always the excentric mayor very emotionally presented everything what exactly "The sigma - sports" left the Nikolaev fans of soccer without favorite team. Moreover and in a year of celebration of century of the Nikolaev soccer.

On the business most that, it turns out that the mayor, even did nothing to keep professional football club in the city of Nikolaev.

As V. Merikov told, the maintenance of team in a year to cost approximately 1 million dollars. "The project on attraction of investments into team was repeatedly offered the mayor. But this project remained unaddressed always. For what reasons - anybody didn't explain to us", V. Merikov reported.

By words V. Chaika, he addressed to "NGZ" management, new owners "Damen Shipyards Okean", to the head of JSC JV NIBULON with a request to assume financing of city football club, but was refused. It at least is suspicious, after all we know as ours "singing measures" can find a common language with people when it really is necessary for it.

Probably at it it wasn't simple time to be engaged in a soccer team, after all it was necessary to go on a press - conferences to the UNIAN …

And an exit from current situation the management "Sigma - sports" offered really not the worst - to incorporate club as it becomes around the world. But the mayor why that didn't want to go on it.

"Recently, it was simply a shame to us to look in the face to our football players, the trainer, the personnel of football club. They showed worthy result. We in return did everything that could, but it isn't enough of it", - V. Merikov admitted.

It gave an example of FC "Sevastopol" which as acted in the past season in the first league. But this club 5 times better was financed. "In Sevastopol all put efforts. I know that very strongly the team was helped by the mayor of Sevastopol. And that, the FC "Sevastopol" took the 14th place, whereas IFC "Nikolaev" - 10. "We picked up magnificent team. Very professional coach. And if not that it happened, we could achieve results", - V. Merikov with regret noted.

From it is convinced that the soccer team as municipal football club won't be able already to exist, but emphasized: "We weren't going to refuse the duties and we don't gather. We will support as before the Nikolaev sports and soccer in particular. JSC Sigma-sport will support the second team of IFC "Nikolaev". And I am sure that in some years, we will return to big soccer, but not as municipal club".

That as - that to settle the matter the mayor as far as it became clear on his press - conferences, I instructed to suspend all procedures connected with repayment of the earth under the markets "Sigma — Sports".

On these statements from V. Chaika reaction from V. Merikov was very quiet. "The earth under the markets was taken away according to the current legislation and if the mayor has any claims, they need to be solved in vessels. If it is a question of the market at the Central stadium, as well as the bus - property of football club. Concerning base - yes, it is property "Sigma - sports", but we are ready to work with football club! But in the presence of three more - four sponsors. The football base remains football base. Nobody is going to build there any cottages, anything other. If there is a soccer team, the base will be at its order, especially ми we plan to carry out its serious reconstruction", - V. Merikov assured.

at the end of our communication, Vadim Ivanovich emphasized that "Sigma - sports" on - former will support the Nikolaev sports. All forces will be thrown on development of children's sports and the Nikolaev Olympians.

The IFC "Nikolaev" has a chance to submit an application to the second league of PFL. And this chance in the city hall intend to use.In turn "The sigma - sports" in return, according to her chairman of the board, won't stand apart and is ready to give help, but in that case when to appear some more investors.


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