The Nikolaev jumper will go to Beijing without trainer?

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The winner of the Cup of Ukraine and the prize-winner of the European cup on track and field athletics, a nikolayevchanka of Vit of Stepin goes on the Olympic Games to Beijing without trainer. About it the correspondent of "News of N" was reported by the trainer of a sweatshirt Inga Babakova.

- Vit I became the winner of the Cup of Ukraine on track and field athletics, - she speaks. - The first place grants it full authority to go together with the trainer. However the Kiev mafia decided that with it will send the trainer of the athlete who took the second place on the Cup. And it - is illegal.

Such illegitimate decision, according to Inga Babakova, was accepted at meeting of executive committee of Federation of track and field athletics of Ukraine which passed in Kiev 4-го June. The official representative of executive committee from Nikolayevshchina Valentin Meshkov at meeting wasn't because him at all didn't invite. The decision on Babakova's not admission to Beijing was made by ballot.

Now Inga Babakova, being the chairman of Federation of track and field athletics of the Nikolaev area, I intend to address with missives in all instances, including in National Olympic Committee of Ukraine. Together with the chief of regional management for physical culture and sport Alexander Sadovsky it intends to address to the minister of affairs of a family, youth and sports Yury Pavlenko.

- At such deals to work for Federation becomes as - that "is uninteresting", - Inga Babakova makes comments.

It is worth noticing that Inga Babakova's merits in front of Ukraine and in particular in front of Nikolayevshchina - are enormous. I took prizes in the World Cups in Tokyo (1991), Toronto (1992), the Gothenburg (1995). The bronze prize-winner "Gran - at" in Barcelona (1991), the first place on "Gran - at" in Monaco (1995). Following the results of the international starts it is recognized as the best jumper of the world of 1995 (at the international competitions in Tokyo cleared the bar of 205 m). Successfully I acted on international the sorvenovaniyakh in Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Poland, France, the USA, Switzerland, Yugoslavia. The owner of a bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Atlanta (1996). Winner of the International tournament "Gran — at" (Paris, 1997). 2-е a place in the winter World Cup (Paris, 1997).Silver prize-winner of the summer World Cup in track and field athletics (Athens, 1997). World champion (1999). The participant of the Olympic Games in Sydney (5-е a place). In 2001 - the silver prize-winner of the World Cup. It is awarded ranks "The citizen of year" (1996, 1999). In 2001 it is awarded ranks of "People of year" in Nikolaev. Winner of the All-Ukrainian program "Leaders of Regions" (2002).

- Really my merits don't grant to me the right to go to Beijing with the pupil? - Inga Babakova is perplexed.


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