On July 9 honored memory of the Hero of the Soviet Union Nikita Grebenyuk

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On July 9 honored memory of the Hero of the Soviet Union - Nikita Andreevich Grebenyuk.

The vice-chairman of the regional union of veterans Vasily Semenovich Kazachok, the general - the major of tank armies in resignation, told about a heroic exploit of a landing party of Konstantin Olshansky in the ranks of which in the years of war Nikita Grebenyuk was at war.

- In March, 1944, this group was thrown out to Nikolayevshchina, city release began. Within three days fighters beat off the earth. At battle Olshansky's group destroyed about 700 officers and soldiers of the opponent, but forces were not equal, and matter of course, there were big losses. Only 12 people survived from 68 paratroopers of group. Including our fellow countryman - Nikita Andreevich Grebenyuk. As a part of a landing there were 55 seamen, 12 sappers and one fisherman. To all of them - both live, and the victim, appropriated a rank of Heroes of the Soviet Union. In the history of the Second World War it is the only case when all paratroopers of group were awarded such rank, including posthumously.

Recently, with Alexander Sadykov's support, the memorial board which is located on the nine-floor house on Astronauts, 74 where lived Hera - Olshanets was restored. On the eve of May ninth when Alexander Sadykov congratulated veterans of the Second World War on a coming holiday, the widow of the late Hero Darya Fiodorovna complained to the deputy of a condition of a memorial board. On a monument the star and some letters were beaten off. Then Alexander Sadykov promised to the wife Geroya to restore a monument.

The gathered assigned flowers to a memorial board and were photographed for memory. And the wife of the late Hero of the Soviet Union Darya Grebenyuk thanked Sadykov for execution of a request and noted that it really the man of his word. Thanked the deputy and inhabitants of the house who also not indifferently treat a memorable sign.

It would be desirable that also other inhabitants realized importance of similar monuments. After all letters and the star made of color metal, not in itself disappeared from a memorial board.


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