Lubyanskiye sex - bombs and the coat of arms of the USA

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Diplomatic relations between the USSR and the USA were established on November 16, 1933. And since then security officers didn't stop attempts to get into the building of Embassy of the United States in Moscow.


In 1938 charming agents 2-го department of Head department of state security of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs - generally from ballerinas of the Bolshoi theater - managed to adjust intimately - business relations with a number of the high-ranking American diplomats. At the same time the marines protecting the building of Embassy of the USA, constantly "were blown up" on the lubyanskikh sex - bombs - young attractive teachers of Russian.

Thanks to massive attacks to hearts of the Americans greedy to gratuitous "cheesecake", "gardeners" from People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs it became known that the most protected zone in embassy are the top floors access on which was most strictly controlled. There offices of staff of political department of State Department, military scouts, encoders, the staff of department of own safety and, at last, a study of the ambassador took place.

Attempts of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs to get into this "specialzone" gained especially persistent character after information which has arrived in September, 1941 from Berlin from the agent of 5-го of department of Head department of state security of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs of the USSR of the Foreman (Harro Schultz - Boyzena). According to the obtained data, American voyenno - the air attache in Moscow was enlisted by Germans and transferred them the prospecting data received from the sources in the Soviet Union.

Meanwhile the USA became the ally of the USSR on the anti-Hitlerite coalition, however already Stalin upon return from the Teheran conference set the task by all means to get into a study of the American ambassador - Averell Harriman as all confidential meetings at which the most important were accepted for the Soviet party questions, were carried out exactly there for Beria.

On December 17, 1943 Beria reported on the Owner that the microphone of a unique design is created and successfully passed tests. But operation on its introduction stopped from - for inaccessibility of an office of the ambassador.Even organized the day before by means of the "swallows" accepted in the building of the American diplomatic mission, the grandiose fire didn't promote penetration into "specialzone" of staff of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs under the guise of firefighters. Protection was unshakable: "Let everything will burn down, but the entrance is forbidden by a foreign name of the president of the United States! "

Stalin, having listened to Beria, unexpectedly I asked: "Lavrenti, you heard something about the Trojan Horse? "

... In an hour per the reception people's commissar of internal affairs were delivered ten two souvenirs. The big board of the Scythian soldier made of a black alder, huge tusks of a mammoth, the Ericsson telephone set from the ivory, presented to Nikolay II the Swedish king, and also meter height the waste-paper basket made of a predkolenye of an elephant foot were especially allocated.

Having examined exhibits, Beria caused for consultation of academicians Axel Berg and Abram Ioffe, under whose management the group of the highest qualification of employees from quickly - technical management of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs was engaged in development, production and test of a unique microphone. The world practice of creation and use of the devices "removing" others state secrets, similar didn't know anything.

It was the passive tap: neither food elements, nor current - anything such that could be revealed by means of armed experts of the world of that time of technical means. The device similar to a tadpole with a small tail, was put in action by a source of radiation of a microwave signal which forced receptors of "tadpole" to resound. The voice of the person influenced nature of resonant fluctuations of the device, allowing to carry out interception of words. The microphone could work as much as long. Microwave impulses moved to "tadpole" extremely power-intensive generator from distance to three hundred meters. Reception, interpretation and record on a magnetic tape of coming-back fluctuations was carried out by other unique device located on one line with the transferring generator. That being transferred and accepted impulses weren't imposed, all geometrical figure had to have a form of an isosceles triangle.

The generator and the accumulator of microwaves were installed on the top floors of residential buildings at the left and on the right opposite to the building of the American diplomatic mission. Residents, certainly, moved. The released communal flats were occupied by officers quickly - technical management of the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs, serving reception - transferring equipment.

The microphone carried the code name "Zlatoust". The called academicians should draw the conclusion, whether it is possible to build in their "child" in one of being in an office of the people's commissar of exhibits. Both in a minute unanimously answered negatively. Explained that design features of a microphone demand that the souvenir was adapted for it, and not the reverse. Proceeding from it insisted on microphone assembling at the same time with gift production. And such gift was given.


On February 4-11, 1945 in Yalta there took place the Crimean conference of "the big three". During its carrying out "Zlatoust" also appeared at Harriman. And there was it so...

... Opening of a pioneer health resort was appointed to February 9 "Artek", celebration of the twentieth anniversary of its basis and delivery to it awards of the Labour Red Banner. The day before, on February 8, the Foreign Commissar of the USSR Vyacheslav Molotov in the presence of Stalin handed over to Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill the invitation from the children who have arrived to camp, to visit them in "Artek" opening day. Calculation of "the small three" - Stalin, Molotov and Beria - was based that neither Roosevelt, nor Churchill at all desire won't take a time - a miss in time and without that prolonged conference. And though Yalta and "Artek" were divided by only 18 km, in the years of war about two hours were required to overcome this distance on the destroyed by bombing highway.

Members of "the small three" also didn't doubt that neither the US Secretary of State Edward Stettinius, nor the British foreign minister Anthony Eden too won't be able to leave the chiefs at least for the period of a trip to a pioneer camp. The ambassador of the USA in Moscow Averell Harriman and his British colleague sir Archibald John Clark Kerr could be candidates following on a rank for a trip to children only.

... The train of cars with the foreign guests, headed by enormous black "Horkh" of Lavrenti Beria, drove on the territory of "Artek" and slowly moved to a team "Stalin соколята" (in 1956 it is renamed in "Coastal") where the meeting of ambassadors with pioneers had to take place. There was a lot of music, smiles and, despite winter, the svezhesrezannykh of the roses delivered by military plane from Sukhumi. At the end of grand welcome Averell Harriman gave to children a gift of the government of the United States - the check for ten thousand dollars. Sir Archibald Kerr - on five thousand pounds sterling. At this time the orchestra burst the American anthem "Star Banner", and the chorus of children started singing it in English.Harriman прошибла tear. At the very same time four pioneers brought huge, sparkling a varnish, the wooden coat of arms of the United States. Under a storm of applause to the ambassador handed over the passport - the gift certificate.

Valentin Berezhkov, Stalin's personal translator, read to foreigners contents of the certificate: the sandal-wood tree, box, sequoia, elephant palm tree, parrotiya Persian, red and an ebony, a black alder - was executed from these most valuable breeds the coat of arms.

The speech power which has lost from delight Harriman almost the first time in the коммерческо - diplomatic practice told that thought: "Where to me to put it? Where to hold? I can't have on it eyes glued! "

Berezhkov instructed the day before as if accidentally I noticed: "Yes hang up at itself in a study... "

... So in February, 1945 "Zlatoust" framed with the coat of arms of the United States, safely appeared on a superconfidential floor of the building of the American Embassy in Moscow. Operation of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs code-named "Confession" on listening of the meetings which are carried out by ambassadors, began.

Ambassadors? Yes. After all "Zlatoust" worked eight years, at four ambassadors. It is remarkable that each again appointed head of the American diplomatic mission in Moscow aspired completely - from the ink device and a press - папье to a parquet on a floor - to change an interior of the office which has got from the predecessor. Constant indoors there was only a coat of arms. Its art perfection affected hypnotically the American highest diplomats - even curtains at windows and furniture were selected in tone to color scale of the Soviet gift!


After detection of "Zlatoust" in the coat of arms, Americans and British tried to make something similar. The first carried out works code-named "A convenient chair" on receiving analog of Soviet "bug" in a secret laboratory in the Netherlands. The second called the researches of "Satires".

British achieved bigger success, than Americans, but didn't manage to solve up to the end secret of the generator radiating microwaves, exciting plates - resonators of "Zlatoust". The English microphone could function only on removal of only 30 yards, while ours - at distance of 300 meters.

The United States kept secret humiliating opening for them (detection of "Zlatoust") within seven years.But at the end of May, 1960 after over the USSR brought down the plane - the spy of "U-2" with Harry Pauers onboard, Washington in attempt to resist to the international criticism made property of publicity the fact of use by Lubyanka of the tap introduced already in an office of the American ambassador in Moscow.

Henry Cabot Lodge, the representative of the USA in the UN, during extraordinary session of the Organization showed the coat of arms, opened it and showed "Zlatoust". Now it is stored in the museum CIA in Langley.


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