Sober thoughts

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Not in forces us neither laughter, nor a sin
to curtail from a way brave,
we build happiness at once all,
and to us to spit on everyone.

Informal anthem of deputies
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

And anybody had no question: and how notorious deputy privileges which representatives of all without exception of parties and blocks wanted to cancel? And why to it to arise if desired holiday came. They after all, poor, so worked, these half a year so worked, didn't overstrain nearly from diligence. It is natural that except become already axiomatic question of manure, anything more decent for fatigue and to mind can't come.

Though isn't present, not at all in the heads … it, there are also other, not less courageous thoughts.

And, if not to take in attention triple attempt of the woman - the deputy of the Izmail city council consisting in party of Progressive socialists, "to go" on an inflatable boat by sea to Romania (the country, by the way, consisting in the "enemy" block of NATO, - a bus), …

Embodiment of one important as it seems to some, thoughts, congress of newly made party with beautiful, but not memorable name became such. In the day off a live broadcast from the main concert hall of the country on TV twisted. Beautiful such congress, grandiose. With a great number of acquaintances on other political parties of persons broadcasting from a tribune about absolutely new, fresh, on anybody not similar political force which at last - that will lead Ukraine to bright future, will deal with the powers of darkness, preventing to live to the people, will overcome corruption and so on according to list well familiar to all of us.

For those who as far as possible and desires watches closely difficult political processes in the country, isn't revelation that this new party consisting, generally from natives of "our Ukraine", was created specially for Victor Yushchenko's support at the future presidential election.

That is, the most powerful mechanism of involvement of an administrative resource in the near future prepares.

By the way, on a question someone from journalists to the chairman of the new declared party, and for whose account the Ukraine Palace was actually removed and the live broadcast on UT-1 because the vile drizzle about the used administrative resource crept in was conducted, that replied that supposedly all on - honest - is paid only from membership dues of privates as you understand, party members. These are what contributions it is necessary to pay that these, believe, very considerable expenses to cover carrying out congress? Yes - and - and to see, not absolutely ordinary people consist in fresh political force. However, it is them, as usual, far from realities, business. And ours, citizens, business to watch closely steps of newly appeared politicians and rationally to think and without emotions.

I offer a new appeal to politicians of all colors and colors: "Only for money! " Let pay to all and for everything. For viewing of congresses, for hearing of pre-election babble, for everything that helps them to live in clover at our expense. Not to give everything to inhabitants of Kiev! Let will suffer …

And in general, the most sober thought of last week I consider as someone the phrase thrown accidentally: "If elections in our country could change something, them long ago already would cancel".

Think, citizens. You think, while the getting is good …


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