Non-state pesionny funds will rescue businessmen

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The problem of provision of pensions of businessmen - the natural persons working at a uniform or fixed tax was considered today on a round table on a subject "Pension reform: on what the businessman can count? ", organized by regional labor union of workers of small and medium business Regional торгово - industrial chamber of the Nikolaev area.

Within a round table questions of development of pension reform in Ukraine, problems of participation of businessmen in systems of the state pension insurance, possibility of the ordinary businessman of providing for themselves an insurance experience and the state pension, prospect of participation of businessmen in non-state pension plans were considered.

"For July 1, in comparison with the beginning of 2008, the number of business owners of area increased from 66 thousand to 69,5 thousand people, that is for 5,3%. These people registered and let out in anywhere, they aren't informed on the social security. From them 64,6 thousand people (93%) pay taxes, 22% from them - the fixed tax. Having retired, they won't have social security", - the chairman of regional labor union of workers of small and medium business Elena Gerasimchuk reported.

The chief of head department of the Pension fund in the Nikolaev area Natalya Efremova noted that the budget deficit of the Pension fund of Ukraine already makes today 40%. It is connected with the demographic situation which has developed in the country. As today number of payers of contributions to the Pension fund and quantity receiving pension the almost identical. Thus, the state will have no place to take funds for population provision of pensions, including for the minimum pensions soon to businessmen who not always can confirm the long seniority. In order that the business owner paying now a uniform tax, could receive in the future more - less worthy pension, it will need to do additional contributions to the Pension fund of Ukraine.

However, there is an alternative. It is possible to use services of one of non-state pension funds. As the president Regionalnoy торгово - industrial chamber Sergey Vlasenko noted, in 2007 of such funds in Ukraine was 96, and 278 people already opened in them the accounts.

Doing contributions to a non-state pension fund, payments of people will receive not during all life and until will settle the contribution sum which grows thanks to accumulation of percent for using fund these means. Besides, the retirement age thus can be varied within 10 years (that is to retire for 10 years earlier or after fixed by the legislation of Ukraine of age).

If the person who is on the state provision of pensions, dies all in a couple of years on reaching the retirement age, earned by it remains in the Pension fund of Ukraine. If the person has the saved-up means in a non-state pension fund, they are inherited by his relatives in case of his death. At desire money from one non-state pension fund can be transferred to another.

"Non-state pension funds give the chance to keep purchasing power of the population, considering inflationary processes whereas the state pension fund pays the fixed sum monthly. Agree that 100 dollars now are not those 100 dollars which were 10 years ago", - the representative of one of non-state pension funds Yury Burkov noted.

The minimum term of the contract with a non-state pension fund makes 10 years. In connection with the term of the contract the monthly sum of payments which constantly grows is determined.

The regional labor union of workers of small and medium business will recommend to business owners to trace already now the seniority, in case of need, to make surcharges in state or one of non-state pension funds.


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