Yushchenko opened "the Crimean front" for the aid to Saakashvili

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Between Ukraine and Russia new scandal inflames: on the eve of visit to Sevastopol Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation official Kiev forbade the Black Sea fleet to carry out sea parade on the occasion of 225-й anniversaries of creation of the BSF.

However the Russian seamen promise that parade will take place, despite protests of Ukraine.

"Golden eagle" against ChF

Large-scale celebrations are planned for May 11 in Sevastopol on the occasion of 225-й anniversaries of creation of the Black Sea fleet. About it in the main bay of the city parade of the fighting ships has to take place. In Sevastopol expect arrival of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Anatoly Serdyukov and the commander-in-chief of the Navy of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vysotsky.

In recent weeks data filtered into the press that the Ukrainian party doesn't hurry to agree on the plan of carrying out parade with the Russian seamen. This information was confirmed yesterday when in Sevastopol dress rehearsal of parade took place. The Ukrainian authorities unexpectedly refused to block raid of Sevastopol for ensuring pass of the Russian ships (on a bay during rehearsal of parade civil boats and musorosborshchik continued to go that created a situation dangerous to navigation).

However actions of the Ukrainian militia became the brightest episode of artificially created opposition: law enforcement agencies of Ukraine blocked journey to yachts - to club of the Black Sea fleet, after rehearsal of parade to a dislocation place the column of the Russian armored personnel carriers from where had to come back. Militiamen explained that, according to their data, the BSF didn't coordinate with the Ukrainian authorities carrying out military parade in Sevastopol, and therefore they won't allow the Russian armored machinery to go on city streets.

The situation appeared the extremely intense, however BSF command, having considered that it provoke to the conflict, made the decision: to deliver armored troop-carriers to a basing place by the ship. The Ukrainian party already in any way couldn't prevent it.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine forbids parade in Sevastopol

As "Rosbalt" knew, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine at the end of April, 2008 transferred to the Russian colleagues a note in which demanded to refuse carrying out parade of the BSF on May 11.However in Moscow refused to fulfill these requirements and carried out parade rehearsal. On May 5, on the eve of dress rehearsal, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs handed over to Russia next, even more categorical, a note of protest.

However that is remarkable, neither Ukrainian, nor the Russian side mass media didn't hurry to give information on the inflamed scandal. Contradictions became obvious only after history with blocking of a column of armored machinery.

The statement a press - the secretary the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine of Vasily Kirilich became the first official confirmation of the conflict. On Tuesday he publicly confirmed on a press - conferences in Kiev information that the Ukrainian party intends not to allow carrying out the Russian parade in Sevastopol.

"The opened and developed passing around the city military equipment is already, excuse, not military parade. It already an element voyenno - ideological. And, if you want, voyenno - political", - the speaker noted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, having added that Kiev allows the Russian seamen to celebrate BSF anniversary only in the territory of their military units.

What is behind words of the Ukrainian diplomat about "voyenno - a political action of Russia? ". On parade rehearsal to Sevastopol from Moscow, as it is known to "Rosbalt", arrived about 50-ти representatives of the central Russian mass media. Probably, it would be simply offensive for Ukrainian party to see reportings on progress of the BSF on TV. If to consider that the majority of inhabitants of Sevastopol on - former sympathize with Russia, and own fleet of Ukraine is in a deplorable state.

However there is also other version. On Sevastopol including among military, the hearing went that on May 11 to parade there could arrive Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev. Among locals the baize already walks that in one of bays of Sevastopol Putin's overtaken from Sochi the yacht is noticed. If these data are really right, of course, to Ukraine is about what to worry: visit of the top officials of the Russian Federation considerably would strengthen the pro-Russian moods in Sevastopol. Now, after the inflamed scandal, Medvedev and Putin hardly will go to the Crimea.

Yushchenko's help to the godfather Saakashvili

Round the BSF the situation with unrecognized republics can be one more cause of a new round of tension. It is known that earlier Victor Yushchenko together with Mikheil Saakashvili published joint statement, in which condemned actions of Russia on deepening of cooperation with Abkhazia.It isn't excluded that pressure of Kiev upon the Russian fleet in the Crimea is peculiar "the asymmetric answer", the help, within opportunities, Victor Yushchenko to the godfather Mikheil Saakashvili.

Partly it confirms the last statement of head крымско - the Tatar Majlis, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from the pro-presidential block "Our Ukraine — National Self-defense" Moustapha Dzhemilev. He directly declared that from - for conflict aggravations round Abkhazia Ukraine has to demand a BSF conclusion from the Crimea.

"Incorrect statements of Russia were not only concerning Abkhazia, but also a territorial claim to Ukraine was made including … I think that now Ukraine has to pursue accurate policy on protection of the territory. And first of all, it is necessary to consider a question of a BSF conclusion from the Crimea", - the leader of the Crimean Tatars told.

By the way, round the BSF it is possible to carry to situation forcing and recent protests Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine concerning found in coast of the Crimea of the Russian rocket which, actually, appeared the model and it was qualified by experts (including the Ukrainian military) as a noncombat subject.
It isn't excluded also that the parade ban in Sevastopol is a reaction of Kiev to refusal of Moscow to discuss the offer of Ukraine on the beginning of preparation for a BSF conclusion from the Crimea by 2017.

However, Ukrainian officials categorically disprove a political component of the conflict. For example, vice-the governor of Sevastopol Vladimir Kazarin says that the country leaders simply consider inexpedient to carry out one more parade right after May 9. "For our rather small city is a big loading, after all parade is a not only spectacular action, but also load of economic and social infrastructure of the city. We will tell, carrying out rehearsals of parade requires closing of the Sevastopol bay, internal raid for movement of passenger fleet that creates inconveniences for residents. Considerable economic losses are sustained by trade vessels which are compelled to stand idle on external raid waiting for permission to an entrance to a bay", - Kazarin speaks.

Russia won't recede?

It is difficult to predict, than present dispute between Russia and Ukraine concerning carrying out parade will come to the end. Officers of the Black Sea fleet in informal conversations declare that parade will take place, despite protests of Kiev.In turn, it isn't known yet that Ukraine which already officially declared that won't allow pass of the Russian ships on the Sevastopol bay will undertake. Concessions of each of the parties now can look as defeat.

Apparently, meanwhile the Russian side is adjusted resolutely. In any case, after news of attempt of the authorities of Ukraine to forbid parade in Sevastopol, the commander of the Black Sea fleet Alexander Kletskov unexpectedly acted with one more statement on not less painful subject - in interview to the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper he told that the BSF won't transfer any of beacons that some years Ukraine achieves under control of Kiev. "We will continue protection of hydrographic objects, and without the relevant decisions of the government of Russia any judicial performer of the Ukrainian vessels" there won't be allowed, - Kletskov told.

According to information received from the Russian diplomatic sources, Ukraine already threatened in case of carrying out parade in Sevastopol to establish more rigid control over movement of equipment and the military personnel of the BSF in the Crimea. However Kiev has to realize that the Crimea - not Georgia, and the majority of the population of the peninsula supports basing here the Russian fleet. It is enough to remember that inhabitants of the Crimea already repeatedly participated in actions in support of use of beacons by the Black Sea fleet. Therefore actions of the Ukrainian officials can destabilize even more only a situation in the region, and so not especially sympathizing Kiev.

It should be noted that scandal over parade inflamed on the eve of May 9 when the Russian and Ukrainian seamen traditionally go march in one system on the central streets of Sevastopol. By the way, this year on the Victory Day the ambassador of Russia Victor Chernomyrdin has to visit the city. Probably, it also will manage to settle dispute concerning sea parade before which carrying out there are already few days.


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