Mess on "this" party of a lattice: "zone" where the President is powerless

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The aspect of life invisible to a foreign eye and works in one of corrective colonies of Kirovogradshchina were slightly opened by the former staff of department of execution of punishments, namely - department of protection of this institution. People who wanted to serve the state, but didn't sustain conditions of this service. They claim: "lawlessness" in a zone create not only and not so much prisoners...

Prison, colony, zone - about the specific world of their inhabitants, we, apparently, know everything - on this subject tons of books are written, kilometers of the feature and documentary films are removed, one songs is put simply loads - daily in a cabin of a share taxi million Ukrainians receive the next portion of a musical educational program from radio "Shanson".

However is as it appeared, much such what we don't guess at all. Another, not less interesting, the aspect of life and works (after all not only ZK live in prisons) in one of corrective colonies of Kirovogradshchina were slightly opened before our edition by the former staff of department of execution of punishments, namely - department of protection of this institution. People who wanted to serve the state, but didn't sustain conditions of this service. And business - at all in "the psychological pressure of the atmosphere", and at all in low wages. They speak: lawlessness in a zone create not only and not so much prisoners...

"Florets": law, "Dynamo" and pigs

Recent addition to the law of Ukraine about the fight against corruption, published in the form of the presidential decree, says: and so on in power structures to consider all donations, humanitarian assistance as corruption acts. However, according to our interlocutors, in the colony management where they worked, seemingly, we aren't familiar with this addition:

- Delivery "on newspapers" - two times a year, on 25 hryvnias, as much "on "Dynamo"" though we have no membership cards of this dear sports society, we haven't a rest on Dinamo recreation facilities, we don't use any privileges and we don't receive the newspaper of Law and Duty department - it is distributed by ZK.

Every month from a salary - on the 3rd hryvnia "on an office". Not money, of course, but in department scales (where about 80 people) the sum already "krugly" work, and all of us equally carry out all repairs at own expense - we buy, we paint, we do... Besides, the offer arrives: let's chip in together, we will buy the TV. Chipped in together, bought. Passes month - on it already accession number costs. Then refrigerator: let's buy, it is necessary. Chipped in together, bought - the same history, already costs number, - the former security guards of a zone tell.

So, it already establishment property though it is bought for money of staff of department. And, therefore, where - that and funds for its purchase appear - in colony expenses. That is collected from staff and the establishment paid for equipment "beats off" from public money. On as who spent "beaten off" - Who knows (we only guess), and it is thousands hryvnias. Most likely, the same occurs both with "newspaper", and with "Dinamo", it is absolutely rather big sum - on 200 hryvnias a year from each employee of department. And to refuse - it is impossible, children because there will be repressions speak: I didn't hand over on something next - you won't go to holiday, and so on...

- In general terrible things happen to observance of human rights and the labor legislation. Night - from night at night children go, with one day off in a month! That is it was replaced since night and again at night I went. People don't suffice - in department constant "shortage" and "routine" - salaries scanty, and working conditions - simply intolerable...

At the same time, under the law, it is forbidden to involve the employee days to a zastupleniye at night and days later. There is, however, a formulation "office need", but, again - according to the same legislation, by office need of the person it is possible only once a month to involve in overtime work. At the same time nobody receives any surcharge for processing - though have to, and, quite probably, it too where - that is. And gets there where also all the rest, tell the ex-the staff of department of execution of punishments.

So a set of small streamlets from "voluntary - compulsory" collecting and frank requisitions pretty well fill one "copper". To be exact - "common fund". And who and as of it disposes - guess... Considering that the chief of prison, according to our information, goes by the Toyota Camry car (cost in Ukraine - from 170 thousand hryvnias), and the first deputy has Mazda 3 (from 70 thousand)...

Further:nursery for cultivation of guard dogs whom train for patrol service, carrying out detentions. You won't believe: its half is occupied... pigsty. How the similar economy "came to be" and functions in the territory regime, even, it is possible to tell, strictly regime, establishments why cynologists in which official duties similar activity, naturally, isn't included are compelled to cajole cattle, - all these questions the colony management needs to readdress only.

Besides, as claim ex-security guards, dogs feed with waste of a zonovsky dining room - that is strictly forbidden by regulating documents, after all prisoners and can pour something. At the same time every month the zone receives grain, potato, meat and so on, all products from calculation for standards - on feeding of office animals. Bags with them, according to interlocutors, "are shipped" late at night through a fence and leave the territory in a body of the unknown car in the unknown direction. As in due time in barrels with waste the zone was left by color and black scrap metal into which turned as speak including machines of production base...

"Berries": estimates, workdays and Yushchenko

However all above-mentioned, by and large, trifle and "florets". Now - about "berries". Under certificates of our interlocutors, both earlier, and now application of work of security guards and ZK practices in a colony on... construction works. That is strictly forbidden by the legislation. According to its norms, "third parties" - external contract organizations with which the management has to sign contracts in accordance with general practice, as well as any other customer have to build for prisons only.

- And we full time - from 8th morning to 4 evenings - built a fence, - the former employees of department of protection tell. - Went there to serve, and instead all day long dragged bricks. For the same 900-1000 hryvnias a month...

But there is more to come. According to our interlocutors, "saves" the management of a colony not only on compensation of professional builders.

- 2 years ago, after transferring of an arrangement of a battalion of internal troops from IK territory, their building gave to settlers. We then built a ladder from a tower to one of buildings. Cash under this business 47 thousand were allocated - for such sum the estimate of works was made.Really it wasn't spent the kopeks, took all material from this building where there was a battalion, - cut off columns, the metal, no materials were bought at all. One ZK cooked, we worked. As always, free of charge.

The same fence - completely the main obstacle round a colony, 400 meters long. Its one and a half years were built by us and ZK. Materials - besides, the zone does. But what on a fence went? Not standard slag stone, and the marriage, written off, that don't take. And already now in a crack fence, the hand can be pushed... - builders necessarily" claim ".

However the speech now at all about quality of a fence, a ladder or other constructions. So far as the law provides only attraction for these works of contract organizations, so and the colony management only as for carried out by contract organization could report for them. That is where - that estimates in which expenses on project documentation, payment of work of builders, building materials, etc. were brought were formed. And, most likely, under these estimates money - from the state budget, naturally, an institution - that state was allocated. And here where there was all this money, considering that to people for work didn't pay precisely, and building materials, seemingly, at all didn't buy - a big question. At the price of which can and have to become - if affairs really are as to us told, - at least, shoulder straps and positions...

But, according to interlocutors, here anybody is afraid for a long time of nothing. In department the legend of how one of security guards, trying to achieve improvement of working conditions goes, reached the President Yushchenko. I managed personally (!) to get to it on reception. After that to a colony there arrived check from Kiev, carried out indicative "dismantlings" - and anything, any responsibility those who, in fact, had to, didn't incur. "However, after that to us, at last, started giving out a form (earlier - bought at own expense) and started giving out put holiday and improving (that didn't become earlier). In total", - children state.

They addressed to the press as to final instance - after understood: officials aren't able to help them. Speak, strangely enough, that want to return on service, but only after change of the management of department of the protection which has turned a state institution into profitable enterprise, and the subordinates - put practically to equal conditions with ZK. There is a wish to live and work on - human, whether you know. And who doesn't want?


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