The results socially - economic development of Nikolayevshchina in 1 half-year 2008

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Exit meeting of board of the Nikolaev regional state administration, devoted to results socially - an economic development of the region in 1 half-year 2008, took place in New Bug on July 24. The governor Alexey Garkusha noted that the first half of the current year from the point of view of financial security was very difficult.

According to information a press - services of the Nikolaev oblgosadministrayiya, the chief of head department of economy of the regional state administration Natalya Martynova in the report reported about the main tendencies socially - economic development of the Nikolaev area.

Results of the analysis of work of an industrial complex of area in 1 half-year 2008 testify to increase in outputs in comparison with the similar period of last year for 1,4%. But still not resolved there is a number of problem questions in the field of mechanical engineering, to the food industry.

60 million UAH of the state budget are directed since the beginning of year on financial support of the enterprises of agro-industrial complex, in particular on collecting early grain crops, leguminous cultures, soil preparation under crops winter in 2009.

Natalya Martynova noted that a condition of payment for energy carriers in the Nikolaev area one of the highest. 100% calculations provided the population of all cities and regions of area, except May Day.

Dynamic rates the consumer market of the region develops. The total amount of sales of consumer goods reached 4709,4 million UAH

Rather price situation in the region, according to data of monitoring supervision on regions of Ukraine, the average level of the prices in the Nikolaev area on the main foodstuff, except for fat, pork and bird meat, is in limits of the average prices across Ukraine.

In January - May, 2008 the volume of export of goods on the Nikolaev area made 510,4 million US dollars, it is 10,3% more, than for the same period of 2007. Import of area increased for 62,1% and made 336 million US dollars.

The enterprises of area cooperated with partners from 95 countries of the world.52,3% of export were the share of trade with CIS countries and 45,8% of import of area, with EU countries - 25,3% and 16,7% respectively. Basis of export of area production of inorganic chemistry, grain crops, watercrafts, the sea and river, mechanical and electronic equipment, alcoholic and soft drinks, ferrous metals, raw leather, products of processing of vegetables and fruits made, products of ferrous metals.

Concerning development of business of area Natalya Martynova noted that today in the Nikolaev area of 75,5 thousand subjects of small business. In this branch the tendency to increase in their number is observed. On total first place on area is won by the cities of Nikolaev, Yuzhnoukrainsk, Brotherly, Zhovtnevy, Veselinovsky, Krivoozersky and May Day areas.

In the sphere of social policy, according to Natalya Martynova, the resistant tendency to increase of an average monthly salary of workers is observed. In May, 2008 workers of financial activity (2725,6 UAH) had the highest sizes of an average salary, public administration (2189,2 UAH), the industry (2021,3 UAH), transport (1956 UAH) and constructions.

Nevertheless, for July 1, 2008 the sum of debt on salary payment to workers of area made 12,1 million UAH. It on 2,7 million UAH is less, than for the beginning of year.

Natalya Martynova summed up that the analysis of tendencies socially - economic development of Nikolayevshchina in the first half of the year 2008 allowed to reveal weak places and accurately to find out the areas of work further.


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