Nikolaev "vitrenkovets" deny that signed the Memorandum of cooperation in city council

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The fraction of the Block of Natalia Vitrenko "National opposition" in Nikolaevsk city council didn't sign the interfractional agreement - the so-called Memorandum of cooperation. About it today, 29-го July, on a press - conferences were declared by the head of fraction Dmitry Nikonov.

On a question of the journalist "News of N" that the fraction of deputies - "vitrenkovets" expects from signing of this memorandum, Nikonov resolutely answered:

- Somebody saw my signature under this memorandum? No. Then the statement what we signed it, from where it undertook? If I never said that I signed it if anybody from present under this memorandum didn't see my signature...

On a question why the leader of fraction of the Block of Natalia Vitrenko (the fraction consists of 8 deputies - a bus) kept silent when this document disclosed at City Council session, Dmitry Nikonov answered that was absent at that time at session as to Nikolaev there came the leader of its party Natalia Vitrenko. From - for it he had to leave a sessional hall.

It should be noted that on yesterday's a press - conference which deputies from BYuT gave, sounded that this agreement was signed by heads of all without exception of fractions in city council.

- I didn't read the statement of BYuTA and didn't hear about their press - conferences. If there, of course, it was told that our fraction signed, on behalf of fraction someone except me signed, - can be. But I, unfortunately, can't make comments on it...

Besides, according to Nikonov, in a depuy corps of city council there is a National Opposition fraction - RUSSIA party which was created by the deputies who have separated once from fraction of the Block of Natalia Vitrenko "National opposition". Nikonov assumes that they could sign, and then, in view of similarity of the name, "thought" on fraction of "vitrenkovets".

Besides, it is worth emphasizing that the document was signed, it seems, also by the leader of Liberally — Socialist Nikolayevshchina fraction.Though upon termination of session at which was it is sounded about this memorandum, it was also declared and that this fraction declared the self-dissolution.

However, what theses stated in the text of the Memorandum, fraction of the Block of Natalia Vitrenko supports and what aren't present, Dmitry Nikonov found it difficult to answer.

- I have no document on hands. I can't tell...


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