The general director of "Borispol" got to hospital after a search of SBU

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The general director of the Borispol airport Boris Shakhsuvarov is hospitalized on August 11 after a search of its office by security service specialists of Ukraine and bodies of prosecutor's office.

I reported a press about it - the secretary of the airport Oksana Ozhigova.

According to her, on Wednesday the staff of SBU, bodies of prosecutor's office and special forces "Golden eagle" rushed into office of the director general.

"About interrogation the speech didn't go, but a search was executed with the worst violations, without presence of lawyers, lawyers, and accompanied by insults and threats not only to our management, but also other staff of the enterprise", - Ozhigova noted.

After that, according to her, to Shakhsuvarov it became bad and he was taken away by ambulance.

"To our director general after similar actions it became bad and he was taken away by ambulance, he now is under supervision of doctors", - told a press - the secretary.

Ozhigova reported that the staff of power bodies requested the documents connected with the relations between the airport and the Construction Management No. 813 company (Borispol, Kiev region).

"Documents which are connected with economic and contractual activity between the airport and "SU-813" were requested, - Ozhigova told.

She added that no questions connected with construction of the terminal F at the airport, rose.

"But about any arrest the speech didn't go and doesn't go at present, especially connected with activities for the terminal F... Documents on the terminal F weren't requested and not withdrawn - about the terminal F, about plunders and other questions the speech in principle didn't go", - added a press - the secretary of the airport.

In a press - service similar actions characterize as provocation.

"We suspect that it simply provocation after visit of the 10th when work of the management and the staff of the airport highly appreciated at the level of the first vice-the prime minister - the minister, there passed positive plots, and I think that it there was a push making in principle as we estimate, quite chaotic, unprepared actions", - Ozhigova noted.

On August 10 survey of construction of the terminal F at the Borispol airport carried out the first vice-the prime minister - the minister Andrey Klyuev.

Shakhsuvarov was appointed the acting as the general director of the Borispol airport on July 21, 2008 appointed and, and on September 24 the same year - the general director.


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