Nardep from BYuT V. Yavorivsky lived week in a family of simple nikolayevets and solved their problems within the Without Mandate program

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On the 1 +1 channel starts the new unique show "Without Mandate". In this project each politician of the country, from local to the all-Ukrainian level realizes own political abilities on - to the present.

The 1+1 channel is immersed by policy in the atmosphere of real life of a simple Ukrainian family: without mandate, mobile phone and other attributes of imperious life. Five days each of politicians will live together with people who elected them and entrusted them the right to decide destiny of the country.

They will pass through a sieve of all household and bureaucratic problems. From attempt to live some days on money of the minimum living level to the solution of daily problems of the Ukrainian families. Each politician will have an opportunity to see, in what conditions there live the Ukrainian families as municipal services of the city work, and also - what bureaucratic barriers they should overcome daily. It is real opportunity for authorities to check effectiveness of own decisions not the word, and business!

At last, each of them will be able to try to help these people to solve their problems. And to prove - who from them is worthy the mandate.

Its progress 24 hours are watched per day by a film crew of 1 +1 TV channel.

The People's Deputy from BYuT Vladimir Yavorivsky became one of agreed to take part in this project. The program with it leaves in air in September.

As told today in time a press - conferences in Nikolaev Vladimir Yavorivsky, it was given an envelope in which there was an address where it should go. He hoped that it will appear his native Vinnichchina. But I got нардеп to our native Nikolayevshchina.

Having arrived on the car to Nikolaev, in passing filling in gasoline at own expense, the deputy arrived to the address. Here it gave to a film crew "1+1" mobile, the purse and the deputy certificate, and in replacements received keys from the new apartment where he should live, and 64 UAH for two days - from calculation of a living wage.

With this "wealth" нардеп rose to the apartment on Kosmonavtov St. where it should live week.Owners of the apartment - Natalya, Anatoly and them 20 - the summer daughter - the student Anastasia. Natalya - the liquidator of the Chernobyl accident, the disabled person of the II group, Anastasius - the disabled person from the birth. Also the deputy should examine their problems - to byutovets.

By the way, as Yavorivsky admitted, the family constantly voted a party of Regions, but in a week the deputy managed to give enough examples and to convince a family that the new government to which they so serenely entrusted the future, only aggravated a difficult situation in Ukraine.

On 64 UAH нардеп bought in the market products, and, it is quite a lot of. But also here депутатсво to it helped to save - when he heard about fat on 30 UAH, he told to the seller that is the poor Ukrainian writer. And after these words the seller I conceded him … the half-prices!

Though itself нардеп admitted that such "consumer basket" - "same game", and I reported that to myself shops a bit differents, after all it has a worthy salary. Well, to whom game, and to whom "mother natively".

As for the first problem which Yavorivsky should solve is a construction in Nikolaev of temporary garage. The hostess of the apartment Natalya had to bypass already 18 officials for the sake of this permission. As a result she received the direction in seven state structures. Vladimir Yavorivsky continued "purgatory" together with it.

- I never thought that in order that in Nikolaev to construct temporary garage, it is necessary to bypass so many officials! - I am indignant нардеп.

As a result, Vladimir Yavorivsky as the ordinary citizen went for reception to the mayor of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika. As a result the issue was resolved in 10-15 minutes … All this was removed by video cameras.

It would be desirable that people's deputies came to Nikolaev more often to solve problems of simple families, without looking at their political coloring. By the way, according to Yavorivsky, Tomenko and Kuzhel also will take part in the project нардемы.


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