Modestly: The president of Ukraine by the Independence Day awarded only two nikolayevets

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Today during festive events on the occasion of the 19th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine which took place in the Nikolaev regional palace of culture, the governor of the Nikolaev area Nikolay Kruglov handed over to two nikolayevets of an award from the President of Ukraine.

So, according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine the award "For Merits" of the third degree is appropriated to the head of the regional office of the State property fund of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area Evgeny Kazansky.

The award to it on a scene was handed over by the governor of the Nikolaev area.

We will note that Evgeny Kazansky was always known for the sympathies for Party of Regions and the present President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych that, however, didn't prevent it to head FGI in the Nikolaev area and at the previous power.

Chief of FGI of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area Evgeny Kazansky

Evgeny Kazansky, having received an award, I approached to a microphone and I thanked all who, in his opinion, "is involved" in this award: "I am deeply grateful to the President of Ukraine Victor Fedorovich Yanukovych, our governor Nikolay Petrovich Kruglov, the management of the State property fund of Ukraine for such appreciation of my personal contribution to realization of a state policy. And further I will actively participate in performance of all tasks set in the presidential program about carrying out economic reforms for 2010-2014".

Evgeny Kazansky still very long admired an award after returned to a hall.

Except the chief of FGI in the Nikolaev area, the President of Ukraine marked out also Alexander Cherednichenko - the head of trade-union committee of JSC Nikolaev Aluminous Plant. The honorary title "The honored worker of the social sphere of Ukraine" is appropriated to it.

Head of trade-union committee of JSC Nikolaev Aluminous Plant Alexander Cherednichenko.

From edition:frankly speaking, it is very modest - the President of Ukraine marked out only two inhabitants of Nikolayevshchina on the eve of the Independence Day.Many remember how at the time of Gubernatorstvovaniya of Alexey Garkusha the quantity awarded was more impressive and, and, then there were many questions to a choice of those whom recommended for decorations.

In what put today? Really in Nikolayevshchina worthy people, or, maybe, were translated the new power decided not to hurry in this direction, after all we remember statements that they came for a long time and still ahead …


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