Kravchuk: Reforms in Ukraine both weren't, and isn't present

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The first president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk considers that to independence Ukraine threatens nothing.

He told about it on a press - conferences on Saturday, reports the UNIAN.

"Certainly, to tell that there are countries in the world which can tell that they are guaranteed against any threats is will be exaggeration", - Kravchuk noted.

"But to say that today there were big threats for national security, for protection of national interests, for independence of Ukraine, than there were four - five years ago, I so wouldn't raise a question", - he added.

Also Kravchuk noted that Ukraine has specific problems which need to be solved. In particular, it concerns economy and policy, the relations with other countries, in particular, with Russia.

At the same time, according to him, in 1991 there were more threats to Ukraine, than today.

Besides, according to Kravchuk, lately corruption level in Ukraine didn't decrease, and increased.

Also the first president considers that Ukraine will be stronger and independent when necessary reforms will be carried out.

"Reforms in Ukraine both weren't, and isn't present", - Kravchuk considers.

At the same time he exclaimed surprise by the events occurring in information space of the country.

"I was the supporter of that the more we newspapers, a body - and radio channels, the have more level of public consciousness, and the better for the president of Ukraine", - Kravchuk told, transfers Interfax - Ukraine.

"And if to it impose thought that a body - and radio channels have to be under control and dose an infomation including the president remains in the limited information sphere, and will have only that information which for it prepare and give officially SBU, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other departments", - he added.

Thus the first president expressed opinion that opportunity to receive reliable information depends directly on the president.

"There are people who trust, don't trust. And president same... I think that it is work of the president", - he told.


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