Yanukovych wants pension as in Europe

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The pension of Ukrainians has to correspond to average indicators of EU.

It was declared by the president Victor Yanukovych, acting on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kiev on the occasion of the Independence Day.

"Our purpose - joining to EU therefore are compelled to reckon with its policy in provision of pensions", - he told.

"It is important that an essence of pension reform was such pension of the citizen of Ukraine which would answer average indicators of EU and that average life expectancy of Ukrainians" grew, - the president emphasized.

Besides, Yanukovych declared: "We restored in a short space of time the program of cooperation with the IMF which was interrupted owing to non-performance by the previous government of the obligations".

"The need for the program of the IMF is not only in need of a positive signal for the investor, but also that we inherited huge debts which put Ukraine on a bankruptcy side" from predecessors, - he noted.

"We are compelled to go on unpopular steps for the sake of a zalozheniye of bases for deep socially - economic transformations", - the president emphasized.

"I set a task that the burden from these steps which the government on this way has to undertake, didn't lay down on shoulders of needy citizens. I always will be on the party of poor people", - Yanukovych emphasized.

According to him, "any credit which is even most favorable to the state, doesn't cost that from - for it people suffered.

"As the guarantor Konstitutsii I promise you unconditional observance of a principle of social justice in all sensitive questions. As the president I will control implementation of solutions of rather timely and full compliance with the corresponding social guarantees", - he told.


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