"Nikolayevstandartmetrologiya" revealed violations at all checked enterprises

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The Nikolaev regional center of standardization, metrology and certification in 1 half-year 2008 carried out 93 inspections of observance of standards, norms and rules. At all checked enterprises violations of requirements of standard documentation are revealed.

Production for total amount of 4,75 million UAH is checked, production production for the sum of 2,1 million UAH is forbidden, administrative penalties are imposed on total amount of 15,8 thousand UAH

The Nikolaev regional center of standardization, metrology and certification carries out the certified works based on results of tests, check, calibration of means of measuring equipment, the state supervision of quality of production, observance of standards, norms and rules, and also metrological supervision.

In particular, time in three years is carried out checking of measuring devices. "All scales which are in the markets and in shops have to be sealed up by us, and weights the kleymenny. The businessman of times in 3 years is obliged to come and believe independently them. We also control the mechanism of counters on gasoline stations, existence there control mernik. We carry out checkings of manometers, gas meters, counters of hot and cold water, electric meters, devices of various laboratories", - the director of the Nikolaev regional center of standardization, metrology and certification Oleg Bozhenko reported to our edition.

In Ukraine today about 30 thousand standards on all types of production and services. About a half of them - the Soviet state standard specifications. Completely to write out the new standard it is necessary from 3 to 5 years. According to Oleg Vitalyevich, the Soviet state standard specifications not such bad, from state standard specifications of independent Ukraine only accepted are most adapted recently for the international standards of quality.

In Ukraine goods and services of 34 groups are subject to obligatory certification. For comparison, in Russia - 800 groups, in Kyrgyzstan - 400. "Our President inclines canceling obligatory standardization and certification. Now from the list of production falling under certification, chocolate, vegetables, fruit, tea, is excluded by coffee, import fish, and 75% of fish from the Baltic Sea are infected with dioxine.Who will give a guarantee, what it won't get to us on the market? " - Oleg Bozhenko notes.

Nikolayevstandartmetrologiya can certify today only agricultural, food products, building materials, oil products, dorozhnotransportny means, cosmetic production, clothes, goods for children, household devices, electrogoods. It is connected with that in area there are no necessary laboratories where it would be possible to check compliance of this or that production to state standards.

In 1 half-year 2008 of GP "Nikolayevstandartmetrologiya" issued 1210 certificates. From them food (party) - 1060 pieces, food (series) - 77 pieces, industrial (party) - 13 pieces, industrial (series) - 32 pieces, services (accommodation) - 17 pieces, services (food) - 11 pieces

Is in the field of the enterprise which certify production, despite that it not in full is subject to obligatory certification. Among them "Sandora", "Vladam", Veselinovsky plant of dry skim milk.

Very difficult, according to Oleg Vitalyevich, business is with certification of hotels, sanatoria, recreation facilities: "They have no right to work without certificate. We can't check them, but management concerning protection of the rights of consumers can. Under the law of the businessman have to warn about check in 10 days. The businessman, working already certain quantity of time without certificate, for these submits 10 days an application for certification, and we have no right to refuse to it. And it already in process. And with the end of checks disappears often and desire of the businessman to certify the recreation facility. It is worth receiving the certificate for recreation facility from 1 to 3,5 thousand UAH. It is possible to receive it within 40 days: 10 days are taken away on consideration of the demand and 30 days on issue of the certificate".

The certificate issued on production or service in one of areas of Ukraine is valid over all country.


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