The governor N. Kruglov threatened the director is repair - mechanical plant to the Hero of Ukraine Yu. Bondin dismissal

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GovernorNikolay Kruglovgave week to the management of GP "The Nikolaev It Is Repair — Mechanical Plant" to understand with in the long term signed contracts and to resolve an issue of payment of debt on a salary. The governor declared it today on YEAH board during discussion of a question of repayment of debts on a salary.

Today the management is repair - mechanical plant ran into debt to the workers of 6,6 million UAH the Governor demanded from the director is repair - mechanical plant, ex-the head of Zorya — Mashproyekt plant, the Hero of UkraineYury Bondinto explain current situation.

AsYury Bondinnow, as it appeared, is ill, his deputy had "to be answerable" for everything on boardTo Victor Andto shevsky.Only it began the quite uncertain speech, the governor interrupted it.

- Let's not to tell fairy tales each other. I met the Minister of Defence and representatives of "Ukrpetseksport", or "Ukroboronservice" three days ago. Today activity of our enterprise is directly connected with these two departments. The first that told: when "Ukroboronservice" appealed to you to give a sample of that you so hide in order that it was possible to examine this equipment and to make the order, so far anybody can't find it. You at all levels say that you have an incomparable military equipment behind which all countries of NATO run, want to buy it. You, probably, so coded it that now you don't know where there is this product, - toldNikolay Kruglov.

- Nikolay Petrovich …, - tried to justifyVictorIshevsky.

- I can't find the director yet, - meanwhile continuedKruglov. - It isn't known who there at you directed. At one time all of you me plaintively asked not to liquidate the enterprise as the legal entity, I helped you. We didn't attach you to Zhitomir plant.But you excuse me, four months about a finger nobody struck a finger. Any offers, any changes and never any head came to me during this time. Today the head "Ukroboronservice" … or "Ukrspetsksport" (me all the same as it is called)Bondarenkospeaks: "Though who would come for contact".

- If you aren't able there as managers to operate, write the resignation, then we will announce competition. And just like that from month to month you only increase existing debt. There were 3,5 million, and now there were 6,6 million UAH, - the governor was indignant.

- And round this enterprise so many shady characters turn. Means, there something is buried, - noticedNikolay Kruglov.

As explainedVictor Ishevsky, the car which was meant by the governor, is already checked and ready "to go the 25th on demonstration tests to Arab Emirates". It was presented to "Ukrspetseksport" for sending customs documents.

- It appears, the minister andBondarenkabout each other liars, huh? It is, and they don't know, - the governor commented on the statement of the deputy director of plant.

- With the management of "Ukrspekeksport"Yury BondinI met two weeks ago, Salamanin and his deputy. Determined an operating procedure by realization of this car. Besides, the agreement on transfer of part of orders of subsidiaries to the Ministry of Defence is reached, - answeredVictor Ishevsky.

Nikolay KruglovI emphasized that during this time "it was possible to be refinanced already in any bank on replenishment of current assets, having at the same time solved debt on a salary". While the plant management doesn't take any concrete steps.

- Therefore - week of term. All documents to me on a table that it was visible that you made something. If you in a week don't put to me on a table documents, any conversations with you as with heads will be will be stopped, - the governor summed up.


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