Whether instead of will flood tomorrow and us?

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The elements in the Western Ukraine have to force the power to pay attention to a problem with water. Unfortunately, our power begins wavy movements towards to the people and will be combed only after will burst a thunder. The people will wait for the same moment that to state to this power all sore for many years …

The tragedy in the Western Ukraine. But, as shows the situation analysis, both more than 30 death, and losses of property could if be not avoided, very to soften. But nevertheless it was (as usual) thrown on drift. Perhaps will pass. Didn't pass.

The chief of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area the general - the major Nikolay Postupalsky, knowing about demand from its department, I dispatched the instruction to check all bridges and dams in area on all regional departments of the Ministry of Emergency Measures. And under each check to enclose the act. That then no surprises happened, as with Nova Odessa last year.

Water - on a thing necessary, but it it is necessary to keep a tight rein. And that it can be much or not to be in general. Or to be, but very bad quality. As it also occurs in Nikolaev. The feeling such that absence in cranes of the city of normal drinking water is caused by the world plot of Association of stomatologists. And any attempts to get moving forward process of modernization Nikolayevvodokanala including reconstruction and construction of water supply systems and constructions on sewage treatment. In the beginning deputies of the City Council couldn't approve implementation of the investment project due to preferential crediting of the European bank of reconstruction in any way and developments, now the Government doesn't "reach" it. And earlier it was necessary to think, the Lord, yet didn't happen a flood. To reap the fruits of carelessness of officials of housing and communal services and deputies it is necessary to the ordinary inhabitant. And after all is on what to reflect, for more than semicentennial interval of time plumbing and sanitary system in Nikolaev wasn't under repair, and about 10% of water supply systems and 20% sewer stay in an accident condition. If the housing and communal services Department call pipes on these sites shabby, it is possible to present that is behind these words.

Last year when opening the city's first pump room in Big Korenikhe water from which conforms to World Health Organization standards, it was promised to citizens to install 20 more similar devices. Where, it is asked, a cart?

The truth until the end of August on Sadovaya St. will appear the minitreatment plant (the next firm on sale to citizens of the cleared water from - under the crane will be called so), which is under construction within implementation of the Program of the Government "Clear water". Power of this "station" - to ten tons per day. And quotations in the city hall promise below, than at other businessmen. It wouldn't be better if everything not dissipated valiant forces nevertheless are thrown on the central system of water supply? We can't suspect, what someone from the authorities and people's deputies self-interest from rescue of citizens look for? Therefore we in optimistic confidence will call arrangement of such station short-term inconveniences. And to be silent, thinking that the power doesn't forget about us. Never. Instead of remembers only before elections. Here and visited in day of a solar eclipse Nikolaev the former speaker of parliament Vladimir Litvin "broke tradition to snatch on people only before elections". And it can knows more than ours? Because scarified the state scheme of propaganda for NATO, having called it "an obezyannichaniye and plagiarism of analytical reports of CIA" (read - the policy of the "pomaranchevy" power isn't suitable anywhere), aspiration to the organization of a set of commissions of inquiry in the Verkhovna Rada called anything other, as blackmail of the political opponents. Pay attention what exactly representatives of BYuT created such commission on "anti-lawful actions of the Nikolaev mayor Vladimir Chaika". Which while over it pour sewage from the different parties, tries to get rid of them in the hometown. Here in Varvarovke last week opened new pump station which will reduce sewer emissions in the Southern Bug a little. Perhaps and the authorities will reach the sewerage with a water supply system. They wise.

Oleg Krinitsky

Reference: Today 82,2% or 415,1 thousand citizens are provided with the centralized water supply. 70 thousand (13,87%) inhabitants have no opportunity to use water disposal system.


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