Arkady Kornatsky: "The Ukrainian land legislation and authorities create problems, instead of solve them"

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In the Nikolaev area cleaning of early grain crops came to the end. Indicators on productivity in the region one of the best in Ukraine. According to the acting deputy governor of the Nikolaev area concerning agro - Arkady Kornatsky's industrial complex, they could be even higher.

"Results of cleaning early grain really quite good though under certain conditions they could be better. I now don't speak about pogodno - climatic conditions, and about other: about investment conditions, about level of technologies which are applied in agriculture. In Ukraine average productivity of 34,1 c/hectare. It, at present, in the European countries productivity beggarly. In the developed agricultures, agrosystems it reaches three times big indicators", - Arkady Kornatsky notes.

From the main reasons for such level of productivity Arkady Alekseevich allocates low level of agrotechnologies, the low standard of farming, outdated equipment of the last century.

"We don't have enough investment resources, there are no means. They in turn don't suffice because we absolutely have no reasonable state agrarian policy. It is impossible to call it economically justified. All reforms which were carried out, "copied" from reforms of neighboring countries. That is they were carried out not by a clever brain, our, Ukrainian, and persons who, being both officials and scientists, simply spotted and as there do at neighbors. And without thinking twice started applying it and at us. Therefore at us absolutely ridiculous and land legislation, and in general the agrarian legislation. These are laws which create, problems, instead of solve them", - Kornatsky declares.

Also the acting deputy governor concerning agrarian and industrial complex noted that plays a role and a subjective factor: officials, heads of public administrations, heads of local governments. It in the majority people who, unfortunately, aren't ready to a progressive state policy.

According to Arkady Kornatsky, Ukraine has to pursue the aim to become one of world agroleaders:"The farm, not personal country economy, and krupnotovarny agricultural production will help to become the world agroleader to Ukraine not. For this purpose the corresponding land policy is necessary to us. Such land policy isn't present because practically all political forces fight foreheads and can't overcome purely communistic problems - the moratorium on a market turn of lands of agricultural purpose and a number of others anti-market, anti-country and, as a whole, antistate restrictions. While there will be a moratorium, our peasantry will be in the shadow land market, until then it will deprive of the land rights and dividends from earth use. So, it is necessary in - the first, to hold the purpose on world leadership, in - the second, krupnotovarny production, in - the third, the transparent land legislation, in - the fourth, updating of material resources".

In the development plan agro - an industrial complex Arkady Alekseevich lays hopes on the WTO: "Early grain crops are now collected. The world price for them reaches far for 500 dollars for ton, we have less than 200 dollars for ton. Because we in the Ukrainian market have no direct access to the foreign buyer. If our government, our state puts to the place of large players of the grain market and the corresponding officials who will cease to lobby corruption methods the interests, to close, to open the market in the benefit, then we will feel all advantages of the WTO. No big trouble from accession to WTO in the form of, for example, noncompetitiveness of our production, is present and can't be. Our production is competitive".


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