The director of state of emergency of "AAS" who was given the Black Sea beaches for 49 years, it is sure: everything is lawful

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The other day "News of N" told that a certain private firm "AAS" which, according to the order of the governor Alexey Garkusha, koblevsky and rybakovsky beaches are sent to using for 49 years became the owner of all coast in Koblevo and Rybakovka.

And here we had an opportunity to communicate directly to the director of state of emergency of "AAS" Elena Polyakova.

The main issues were such: why this firm was given beaches? How and when an application was submitted? Who considered it? Whether there was a competition? By what criteria won against "AAS"? Than in general this firm is engaged? Why she decided to do business in the Nikolaev area if it is registered in the Kominternovsky region of Odessa region?

Elena Polyakova answered all these questions is flowed quite round and is surprisingly short. It, in - the first, only the director, instead of the founder of firm. In - the second, she became a director only on June 1 this year (we will remind, the contract on transfer of the earth in using of "AAS" was signed in April). Therefore about when an application was submitted by AAS firm and as it became the winner of competition, Elena Anatolyevna doesn't know. But she is sure that competition was - as under the law it has to be.

As for "allogeneity" of firm, its legal address - yes, in Odessa region. But, according to Polyakova, the firm made the decision next year to re-register it in the Nikolaev area because firm "regional submission, probably, it will be correct". Besides, as it appeared, and Elena Polyakova lives in Nikolaev.

On a question, than state of emergency of "AAS", what its profile activity is engaged in general, Elena Polyakova answered that it "direct activity - using the land plot with all rights... " Wait, we asked: the firm existed earlier before received this land plot?

- - No, the firm was registered by N then as though it participated in competition, and its activity - beach business, service, - the director of "AAS" answered.

- And when it was registered?

- I now have near at hand no documents, but I can lift if it is so important...

- That is it was registered during this period when the issue of transfer of beaches was already resolved?

- It was registered earlier, but the direction is simple, I so understand, was - service on tourist questions.

- It turns out, what you not the first director of this firm?

- How not the first? I am the only director of this firm. There are founders, and I am a director.

- Who then signed the contract in April who signed, carried out all formalities?

- Me invited to work since June 1 when the contract was already signed.

- Who then was engaged in contract registration? You can give phone of founders?

- I can give your phone to the founder and if it expresses desire to communicate to you, he will call you, I have no right to give its phone.

- And city, not you can give mobile, stationary its phone?

- Unfortunately, I can't, I communicate with it only on the mobile...

Elena Polyakova considers that no problems connected with their activity on the coast, exist. They simply are engaged in economic activity, and complaints from vacationers, according to her, weren't. And as for directors of recreation facilities for whom firm activity on beaches - the problem, so is a question, according to Polyakova more likely envy as they too would like to receive beaches in rent, but they weren't given.

Besides, as Elena Polyakova told, she met directors the koblevskikh of recreation facilities at meetings which were organized at the initiative of Berezansky district administration twice. Polyakova answered a question when there were these meetings:

- One was in the May, the second at the beginning of June.

- In what quality you met directors of bases in May if the director you became only in June?

- No... One was in the June, the second in July, - the director of state of emergency of "AAS" corrected herself.

Elena Polyakova assured: no doubts in legality of transfer of beaches in "long-term temporary" using to AAS firm can be. In - the first, it was caused already by different controlling and law enforcement agencies, and anything illegal, according to her, didn't find. And then: the order was signed by Garkusha, and unless the governor can sign the illegal order?


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