The Crimean Tatars on the Georgian example specified to separatists of the Crimea to what Russia

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Events have to serve in South Ossetia as a lesson for various pro-Russian movements and political forces of the Crimea.

It in the comment to "Regional committee" was declared by the first deputy chairman of Majlis of the krymskotatarsky people, the People's Deputy of Ukraine of several convocations Refat Chubarov.

"Drama events which occur today in South Ossetia, once again testify that the situation with the self-proclaimed territories once surely comes to the end with the conflict and operations", - Chubarov told.

It reminded that practically at all self-proclaimed republics in the territory of the former USSR "very much зримо and clearly there is the Russian interest". "Russia never obviously and openly won't support the section of the sovereign states, but it will be maximum, for the sake of the interests to weaken these states, - Chubarov considers. - And therefore all political and ethnic forces including in the Crimea, wishing to come to a format of the self-proclaimed territory, have to cut once and for all on a nose that Russia, playing their separatist aspirations, up to the end them will never support. But to use them and she is able to cast them into the war abyss, and it even in any measure in its interests".

Thus the first deputy chairman of Majlis reminded that in the Crimea Russia used and continues to use the same tools, as in South Ossetia, in particular, providing the Russian nationality to inhabitants of an autonomy. "It also is one of tools of Russia for fixing of interests and expansion of the presence which was earlier widely used in the Crimean autonomy, and now is actively used in Sevastopol", - Chubarov told.

In a present situation for situation normalization in South Ossetia, according to the first deputy chairman of Majlis, there is only one reasonable exit: "As well as I told Saakashvili, it is necessary to sit down at a negotiating table about the widest format of autonomism and even a sovereignty of South Ossetia, but keeping territorial integrity of Georgia".

"I think that the majority of the Crimean Tatars in this situation supports only a position of common sense: Georgia - to disengage the armies, to politicians to sit down at a negotiating table, and to the third countries - not to enter there the armies and not to accept учас


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