Animal husbandry development in the Nikolaev area will grow?

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With 1-го August in Ukraine the increased grants for meat work. About it reports the official site of the Cabinet of Ukraine.

On August 6 the Cabinet of Ministers signed the resolution No. 706 "About modification of use Order in 2008 of the means provided in the state budget for development of animal husbandry".

This resolution increased the amount of payments of the livestock grant to purchase price of 1 kg of live weight of young growth of the cattle (C) of the increased standard, standard pigs and the poultry grown up and realized on meat.

If earlier the size of grants for the grown-up and realized young growth of KRS made 1,9 UAH for 1 kg of live weight, now it is equal 2,9 UAH

The grant for the grown-up and realized pigs from now on makes 2,15 UAH/kg (before 1,4 UAH/kg), hens - 1 UAH/kg of live weight (0,65 UAH/kg), ducks, geese, turkey-cocks - 1,4 UAH/kg (0,9 UAH/kg).

Action of this resolution will positively affect animal husbandry in the Nikolaev area. The chief of Head department of agriculture and animal husbandry of the Nikolaev regional state administration Grigory Gurov speaks about it. According to him, reduction of prices of meat shortly won't happen, however increase of grants will be incentive of development of animal husbandry in area, increases in a livestock of cattle.

- Earlier for a 500-kilogram bull-calf received 950 hryvnias, now the amount of payment will make 1 450 hryvnias, - the difference is notable, - Grigory Vavilovich makes comments.


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