Nikolayevshchina in every way tries to help the affected population of the Western Ukraine

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In the Western region of Ukraine are carried out large-scale abnormally - recovery work on elimination of consequences of a catastrophic high water.

As a whole, from all regions of Ukraine more than 10 thousand people of staff and about 2-x thousands of pieces of equipment of forces of civil protection are attracted.

In the Putilsky region of Chernovitsky area and the city of Yaremche of Ivano - Frankovsky area which according to distribution are assigned to the Nikolaev area, there are authorized representatives from the region who on places coordinate a carrying out course abnormally - recovery work, find out volumes and control receiving already provided financial and financial support.

"So, the state today with assistance of local executive authorities and local government, the enterprises, establishments and the area organization, to affected regions of Ukraine (Ivano - Frankovsky and Chernovitsky area) provided 433,86 tons of agricultural products (wheat 3-го a quality class), 1600 kg of butter, 1236 l of fruit juice and 64 tons of the packed-up cement. Total amount of the provided financial support makes about 680 thousand hryvnias. - the vice-chairman of the regional state administration Natalia Brakovan, - Besides, from the population of the Nikolaev area for assistance to citizens who suffered from natural disaster commented on a situation, into special accounts is already transferred 249 thousand 635 hryvnias. "

In improving establishments of Nikolayevshchina all conditions for rehabilitation of children from affected regions are created. The children's recreation camp "Tea" of the settlement of Rybakovk already accepted on improvement of 85 children from Chernovitsky area. - the head notes.

Abnormally - recovery work in the territory of the Putilsky region of Chernovitsky area and Yaremchansky горисполкомасейчас is carried out by powerful rates. Ivano - Frankovsky area

We will remind that owing to natural disaster in the Putilsky area 15 houses were destroyed, demand capital repairs - 66. The high water destroyed 520 personal plots, 10,7 hectares of private grounds are damaged. 188 km of highways of the state and local value are destroyed.43 automobile bridges are destroyed, damaged 23 automobile and 104 foot bridges. The preliminary sum of losses from an emergency situation makes about 482 million hryvnias. In the territory of the Yaremchansky Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies 2 houses are destroyed, 7 more houses are under the threat of shifts, 53 houses demand repair. The elements damaged 132 land plots with a total area of 12,54 hectares, 27 bridges are destroyed. The preliminary sum of losses from an emergency situation makes about 78 million hryvnias.

Today threat to settlements and objects of a national economy isn't present.

Restoration about 60 km of road connection in the Putilsky region of Chernovitsky area is carried out. In the city of Yaremchavosstanovleno with all settlements, but works on repair of the damaged paving and restoration of bridges proceed. Forces of the Yaremchansky gas site carry out restoration of subscriber gas networks of the gas pipeline of low and average pressure on a site of 2,5 km. Construction groups and the military personnel of airmobile crew of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine carry out works on clearing русел small rivers and highways from the remains of trees, stones, gravel, намула and garbage.

The summary group of regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures as a part of 32 people and 13 pieces of equipment and specialequipment who since July 31 will see off abnormally - recovery work and works on providing the help to the affected population of Chernovitsky area, cleared already away from blocking up three bridges, 200 m of the bed of the small river the Rod and 70 m of other small rivers, by means of fire pump station 26000 m3 of the polluted water from underground tanks - Chernovetsky Gorvodokanal enterprise settlers are rolled away. Water pumping from 111 private wells, 4 basements and from 52 households is carried also out. 1410 m of a drainage trench изусадеб are dug. By means of fire pump stations 29500 m3 of dirty water in of Novoselits, are rolled by page of Kostichana and page of Dranitsa of the New rural region of Chernovitsky area.

"Only in days (on August 11) the Nikolaev rescuers carried out pumping of 5000 m3 of water from 8 wells, 3 basements and 4 private households, 80 m of drainage channels are cleared away, - the chief of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area Nikolay Postupalsky, - And noted on August 12, rotation of staff of summary group of the Main regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures will be carried out. "

Abnormally - recovery work proceeds.

The question of providing the help in elimination of consequences of elements proceeds and is on continuous control of the management of the regional state administration and regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures. Nevertheless, problem questions concerning providing appropriate level of activity the population remain: this lack of telecommunication and power supply in several settlements and need of carrying out restoration of houses.


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