The Nikolaev minibuses "cut off" Kulbakino's residential district from "civilization" after eight evenings

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Today, 13-го August, during presentation of the new buses bought by PIK private enterprise for implementation of passenger traffic across Nikolaev, the deputy of city council (KPU fraction), the vice-chairman of administration of the Ship area Valentin Krasnozhon acted with a claim in relation to the director of the above-named firm Victor Mironenko. According to him, from inhabitants of the residential district of Kulbakino numerous complaints arrive that after eight o'clock in the evening any movement of minibuses in the direction of Kulbakino and from it stops. In particular, No. No. 26, 29 and 10 routes were mentioned.

Concerning 29-го a route (Kulbakino - the Alluvium) Victor Mironenko told that this route serves other enterprise - hauler - "The Car - Viola Plus".

- And "ten" - now in connection with the summer period a number of businessmen who work with us in the contractual relations who went on leave who went to the seas. It is connected a little bit with reduction of quantity of transport. I think, we "will correct" this question, - reported g - Mironenko's N.

On a question, whether the firm plans construction of firm final stops, the director of state of emergency "PEAK" answered:

- The city doesn't participate in allocation and fixing of final stops. Don't allocate this earth to carriers, therefore this earth as though "ownerless". At these final stops a lot of businessmen who coffee, trade in various products. The carrier simply gives a lift there to people.

Therefore, according to Victor Mironenko, to a carrier there can be no claims concerning a condition of final stops and their improvement.

In turn, the head of department of passenger traffic of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies Gennady Ivanov acted with a claim in relation to the leaders of the Ship area:

- On 26 - му and 29 - му to routes we asked for your help. You had to write the letter to Vladimir Dmitriyevich as from the Ship area to increase this pocket. Talked - and all...

Vladimir Dmitriyevich told that this issue - resolved, and promised necessary intervention in return to settle a situation.

The situation with absence "kulbakinskikh" of minibuses in night and an evening arose long ago. In the fall 2007-го years densely the deputy of regional council Lyubov Kobylyanskaya dealt with this issue. She addressed to the management of state of emergency "the Car - Viola Plus" - the disposal at the disposal of which there is a route No. 29. The deputy director of state of emergency Vasily Ivanov was extremely surprised that drivers 29-го a route declare to themselves a release some hours prior to contractual time, and promised soon to understand a situation.

Probably, the question and remained unresolved. Also put here not only (and not so much) on summer holidays...


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