All of us are Georgians

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"The Wall Street Journal", USA/ John McCain

U.S. presidential candidate

For those who believed that times of naked international aggression consigned to the past, events of last week have to was become a disturbing call. After collisions in the Georgian province South Ossetia Russia intruded on the territory of the neighbor and now threatens his existence. Which - who in America can ask why we are excited by the events in this part of the world? Certainly, Georgia - the small, remote and unknown country. But just in such remote and unknown places the history is quite often made.

When the Russian tanks and soldiers went through the Roksky tunnel, crossing is international - recognized border of Georgia, the Russian government assured the world that it interferes to protect only the Ossetian. However the true purpose of Russians mode change in Georgia is represented.

Two years ago I was in South Ossetia. At once, as soon as we arrived to its self-proclaimed capital today occupied with the Russian armies, I saw the huge poster 'Vladimir Putin - our president! '. And it in the sovereign Georgian territory!

Having arranged on all territory of Georgia the mass bombings destroying military bases, houses and other infrastructure killing and crippling in anything not guilty peace citizens, Russia called into question own words about humanitarian motives of its actions. After the Russian Black Sea fleet concentrated at the coast of Georgia, and the Russian armies started taking the city in the country, doubts in the nature of the Russian aggression didn't remain.

Russia continued approach, despite managed to get by France (and dangerous image not stipulating territorial integrity of Georgia) the arrangement on ceasefire.There were credible data on murders civilians and even the ethnic cleanings which are carrying out as the Russian armies go deep on the territory of Georgia.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Moscow in any measure opened plans of the government, having declared that 'g - Saakashvili's N' - democratically elected president of Georgia - 'can't be our partner any more, and it would be best of all if it left'. Thus, Russia visually showed why her neighbors so seek to enter NATO.

Following the results of crisis the new transantlantichesky consensus concerning Russia and its neighbors started developing. Leaders of Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Latvia arrived to Tbilisi to support Georgia and to condemn the Russian aggression. The president of France visited Moscow, achieving the end of war. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Britain hinted at convocation of 'Group of Eight' without participation of Russia, and the leader of the British opposition in the open urged to expel Russia from group.

Dangerously not to interfere with aggression against the free countries - the world expensively paid for understanding of it. Strong ceasefire - the vital step, but only the first of necessary. We and our allies have to convince now in common Russia forever to stop bloodshed and to disengage the armies from Georgia.

The international observers have to get immediately access to the areas ruined by war, in order to avoid even more terrible humanitarian accident, and we have to provide receipt to the region with the sea and by air to the necessary help.

We also have to begin work on placement in separatist regions of independent international peacekeeping forces and to be ready to help our Georgian partners to unite again Georgia. According to the NATO Secretary General, Georgia can still count on membership in alliance, and I hope that NATO will promote the entry of Georgia and Ukraine.

At the same time, we have to let know to the Russian management that those advantages which they got, having become part of the civilized world, demand from them peacefulness and respect for its values and to stability. The USA already took important step in this direction, having cancelled the planned joint military exercises with Russia.

Today the Georgian people suffer as it suffered and in the past. We have to help them to cope with this tragic situation. Let them know that thoughts, prayers and support of the American people remain with Georgia.The example of this small democratic country located far from our coast, inspires all who divides the deepest of our ideals. As I told the president Saakashvili in day of ceasefire, today all of us are Georgians. And we can't forget about it.


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