"The southern patrol" good mood goes on tour in a mode of full assistance

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Once it already was: any "governmental" concert didn't do without performance of so-called ensembles of a song and dancing of power departments (in the USSR the first militia ensemble was created personally by Nikolay Shcholokov, the Minister of Internal Affairs of a Brezhnev's era). It, of course, was tiresome, especially for youth and citizens of middle age gave preference to pop VIA. After reorganization and conversion soloists of "power ensembles" which usually have fine school of a vocal, changed the repertoire to the best. It is remembered how once on one of TV channels struck speech of the soloist of ensemble of a song and dancing of internal troops of the Russian Federation which, on - to the military tightened, in uniform it is sincere and, I dare to note, isn't worse than Tom Jones, I executed well-known "Dilayla" …

But for the Nikolaev viewer where acquaintance to ensemble of a song and dancing of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Luhansk region with the eloquent name "Patrol" which subdued public professionalism and an expression is more pleasant. The few apprehended then seriously words of the chief of regional militia the general - the major Anatoly Naumenko (during stay by his head of similar structure on the Luhansk region and there was this ensemble) that won't pass also half a year as Nikolaev the Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will have own such collective which becomes its business card.

Anatoly Vyacheslavovich, by the way, managed to save up hitherto rather rich "producer" experience: heading militia of Kherson, it stood at the origins, so to speak, creations of children's ensemble of the national dance "Red Guelder-rose" that with success went on tour in the CIS and even visited Hungary. And then, already in Lugansk, not without the assistance of the known film actor Mikhail Golubovich, "Patrol" was born also.

- Certainly, - our main task, but the guard - not the car, and life it passes disclosure and the prevention of crimes not only on service. Then it is necessary to strengthen a spiritual component of its life. It is sure - the song, creativity and promotes it, - Anatoly Naumenko claims.

The general told - the general made:debut of the Nikolaev ensemble "Southern Patrol" took place in February of this year at the full notice in a recreation center of the Department of Internal Affairs then the good reputation about collective in a trice scattered the city. Soon about militia actors all area learned. And at the beginning of summer citizens awarded them a storm of applause during performance at a beauty contest "Ms. Obvorozhitelnost-2008".

As well as their Lugansk colleagues, participants of "The southern patrol" go on tour much, meanwhile mainly districts. Them sincerely invite "to arrive still"... They managed to act and on the Luhansk region - on a visit at local "Patrol". In Stakhanov, in the homeland of the same Nikolay Shcholokov and Anatoly Naumenko, on a scene in final part of a concert appeared... both "Patrols", having sung on the miner's earth of well-known "Shipbuilders". Then the mayor Stakhanova, having been deeply moved, I presented to children the audio system.

Rehearsals of "The southern patrol" daily last till some hours: actors under the leadership of vocal teachers and choreography, and also under a vigilant eye of the director of a recreation center of the Department of Internal Affairs are engaged to exhaustion. Now they are going to act on the Independence Day holiday. Before one of rehearsals our "informal" communication also took place.

The vocalist of "The southern patrol" militia lieutenant Victoria Yukhno works in sector of public relations, it represented participants of group.

Valery Yurchenko, the captain and the head of ensemble - the parodist from God. At first I worked as the local police inspector, I graduated from military chair of the Nikolaev state university. The winner of the International competition of humour and satire "Cherry smiles" and the variety festival "Moscow — Yalta — Transit-2" in a parody genre. In its repertoire musical "cartoons" to Valery Leontyev, Alexander Serov, Mikhail Boyarsky, Dima Bilan, Nikita Mikhalkov, Freddie Merkuri, Elton John, Verka Serdyuchka... Valery - the real favourite of public who likes "to joke a little bit" of idols.

Alexander Malyuk - a fine vocal. Itself writes songs. On a scene it is very organic. And here Dmitry Konshin - the participant "the Karaoke - Tura", the festivals "The Romance about the Romance" (1-е a place), "the Chumatsky way-2", "Grows white a sail" (1-е a place), "A hope torch"...

Recently music fans from Elants, having learned that there arrives militia ensemble, provided it the full notice, previously having bought up all tickets. And venerators showered Dmitry Konshin with flowers, having broken them from all surrounding beds. And the children asked all the time autographs from visiting actors.

Tatyana Maselska, Vera Moroz, Galina Sharpay. High mastery, expression, love of the audience. At everyone - the role: from the classical jazz - to a song of the Gipsy. At high level the choreographic group acts also: Maxim Shpachinsky, Alexey Cheban, Elena Savina, two Anastasia - Fedorenko and the Cooper, Anna Bashtovaya. The art director, "godfather" of singing division of the Nikolaev garrison of militia - the deputy chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yury Chernega.

In search of musical talents uncommon work was carried out. The casting of future actors was headed by Anatoly Naumenko. Children weeks brought together two, having thrown "call" to "cultural" higher education institutions and schools, militia services. By the general and now don't pass "image" and repertoire questions; concert dress of actors and so forth. Concerning quantity and the cost of suits, any restrictions isn't present and can't be. Certainly, suggested to order cheaper, but mister Naumenko considers: it doesn't do to be greedy here, after all on a platform everything has to be beautiful. By the way, suits - a transformer to "patrols" the Nikolaev studio that on Chigrin Street sews, a militia form with aiguilettes and mini - skirts - a workshop of "Golden eagle". The bus for group always costs on call. As a whole - the atmosphere of full assistance.

Repertoire in which now about three tens numbers, constantly replenish. The truth Anatoly Naumenko holds a hand on his "pulse", introducing amendments. Children already understood: if the general told that the song won't go - without any offenses it is necessary to shelve not corresponding smash hit. And time, by the way, testified that the chief was right.

Rehearsal of the new song "Mischievous" just came to an end. Sasha Malyuk and his maiden "subbeer" in bright skirts of Gipsies already were tired. And how many such "trainings", "otshlifovka" of each note and each movement... hard and to tell. Instead we were told that Tina Karol, appears, "sort" too from militia ensemble. And as know, what heights of the Ukrainian platform will be subdued still by the Nikolaev actors in militia shoulder straps. It is sure - and on "Evrovidenye" they absolutely wouldn't give in!


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