Nikolayevtsa participated in an action on support of Georgia

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On August 13 and 15 in Odessa national - democratic parties and public associations from Nikolaev actively participated in socially - political actions in support of the Georgian diasporas of Odessa and Nikolaev concerning events in Georgia and condemned criminal, aggressive and separative acts of the Russian Federation. Gathered with banners "We aren't afraid of the doghouse! ", "The world on - Kremlin" (against a photo with consequences of war in Georgia), "Stalin = Hitler = Putin", "Chechnya = Georgia = Ukraine? ", "Tbilisi, keep, for you the truth! " but with flags of Ukraine and Georgia.

Actions took place near the Russian and Georgian consulates. Gathered the Consul general of Georgia in Odessa Zurab Kvachadze who didn't expect such support from Ukrainians congratulated and to tears was deeply moved to such support. It expressed big gratitude and gratitude gathered for understanding of a situation.

- Cruel aggression of Russia is a sign event for other CIS countries. God grant, that anywhere such any more it didn't happen, Zurab Kvachadze told. - But how many wouldn't bomb the Georgian cities, how many wouldn't kill our mothers, parents, children - Georgia never will kneel and to the last will protect the state, the sovereignty, the 20-century history.

On August 15 such action took place near consulate of Russia. The consul of Russia didn't leave to demonstrators.

In an action participated: The Georgian society of Nikolaev, People's Movement of Ukraine, the Congress of the Ukrainian nationalists, URP "Cathedral", IN "Freedom", Batkivshchina party, OUN, Ecological the Green Movement organizations, All-Ukrainian the Youth organization "A glow, "The green world"


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