What Granitno - to steppe Pobuzhyyu - one of 7 natural miracles of Ukraine threatens?

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On August 26 in the Kiev park "Friendship of the people" results of the competition "7 natural miracles of Ukraine" were announced. Granitno - steppe Pobuzhye, located in the Nikolaev area, was among winners, having taken the 5th place. But whether will rescue it a unique corner from a number of problems while it isn't known.

From July 7 to August 26 passed the Internet - vote for 7 most beautiful and unique corners of Ukraine.

At counting of votes were considered unique and the general the Internet - voices, and then the total of points was defined by removal of an arithmetic average. On unique the Internet - - steppe Pobuzhye it was to Granitno's voices on the 9th place, and on the general - on 5.

There were precedents of hacker attacks, when for the same object добрасывалось at once on 900 voices. But such situations at once improved.

Now 7 natural miracles of Ukraine aren't distributed in places, and are considered as the equivalent. Among them Askaniya - Is new (The Kherson area), Dniester каньйон (Vinnytsia, Ivano - Frankovsky, Ternopol, Hmelnitsky, Chernovitsky areas), Granitno - steppe Pobuzhye (The Nikolaev area), the Marble cave (ARE the Crimea), Podilski Tovtry (Hmelnitsky area), lake Svityaz (Volhynia), lake Sinevir (Zakarpatye). Separate prizes marked out Balaklava Bay with capes Aja and Fiolent, Oleshkovsky sand (The Kherson area) and the Optimistic cave (The Ternopol area).

"On August 19 the governor of the Nikolaev area Alexey Garkusha signed the order about coordination of the project of creation of national natural park in Granitno - steppe Pobuzhye. The last word remains for the President. We can have the first in the North - the western Black Sea Coast national natural park", - the ecologist Oleg Derkach noted.

The director of regional landscape park Granitno - steppe Vladislav Artamonov marked out Pobuzhye: "The park surely has to have tourist promotion, investment in infrastructure. Till today we have no hotels, points of food, parking in Granitno - steppe Pobuzhye though people with pleasure would have a rest in park".

Still there is unresolved a question of need of a raising of a water level of the Aleskandrovsky reservoir which can lead to flooding of the most part of territories of Granitno - steppe Pobuzhya.

"One will create national park, others will flood, I think that will be approximately so. When nuclear scientists asked that you will do if Bugsky Gard and Granitno - steppe Pobuzhye get to number 7 of natural miracles of Ukraine, they answered "what 7 natural miracles, it is a technological reservoir of nuclear power plant". Therefore here really there is a problem. Since 2003 there are coordination, each hectare of the earth is discussed, the national park didn't include tail part of the Aleksandrovsky reservoir, that is 27 hectares of these territories can be flooded. While nobody cancelled the status of reserved regional park, now there are court sessions which will show who is right and who is wrong. Anyway, the cascade водоханилища yet doesn't threaten Migeysky каньйону, and Bugsky Gard can be flooded", - Oleg деркач declared.

In turn Vladislav Artamonov reported: "Since the beginning of year the park was visited already by 8 checks. Check by management of fight against organized crime is data of any accounts. For example, on August 24 among white day in the territory of park 2 barkonyersky crews worked with electrorods, on the bank of them the deputy of the City Council of Pervomaisk covered, such impunity wasn't observed for a long time. It is result of such militia checks".


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