Yulia Timoshenko: For fire localization in military warehouses in Harkovshchina all forces and resources

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The governmental commission on questions of technogenic and ecological safety and emergency situations will work in the round-the-clock mode and to take all steps necessary for localization of a fire, arisen near Lozova in the Kharkov area. The Prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko declared it at a briefing after meeting of the State commission on questions tekhnogenno - ecological safety and emergency situations.

"This minute all forces and organizational resources to localize a fire are involved and to stop explosions", - the Head of the government emphasized.

The prime minister - the minister charged to the Minister of Defence and the Minister of emergency situations immediately to leave for a fire zone. Besides, in the morning the First vice-the prime minister - the minister Oleksandr Turchynov there leaves completely to coordinate all works on fire localization.

The head of the Government also reported that on operational information, there is a reduction of all manifestations of a dangerous situation. According to Yulia Timoshenko, for the next few 4-5 hours in sector of a fire three times more armored machinery which will join in system of clearing of a fire will be tightened.

The prime minister - the minister noted that this minute 1 thousand 400 citizens are evacuated, all about 6 thousand people need evacuation.

The railway station of Lozovaya which is at dangerous distance, is taken under the special control, all trains are directed on other routes, - Yulia Timoshenko reported. Besides, according to the head of the Government, forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs surrounded a three-kilometer zone.

The prime minister - the minister charged to Ministry of Health to attract all necessary forces for providing medical aid to people.

Also the Prime minister - the minister charged SBU, to the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Gosgorpromnadzor to carry out independent expertize of the reasons of emergence of a fire.According to Yulia Timoshenko if there are established facts of a divergence of officials, they will be responsible.

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