Yanukovych doesn't exclude the coalition with BYuT

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The leader of opposition party of regions Victor Yanukovych declared that doesn't exclude formation of the parliamentary majority with Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, which now in the coalition with pro-presidential "Our Ukraine - National self-defense".

The present coalition in parliament of Ukraine is almost incapacitated as two her representatives in June wrote applications for the exit from it and, thus, in it - the fact there are 225 people instead of necessary 226-ти. BYuT fractions and Party of Regions have together 331 voices is more, than it is necessary for the constitutional majority (300 voices) which allows to overcome the veto of the president.

"Anything unreal doesn't happen", - Yanukovych told on September 2, answering a question of journalists of possibility of such union, having added thus that such offers yet weren't from one of the parties.

Thus, according to him, if in Rada the new coalition isn't created, the country early elections wait.

"If we don't make the decision on coalition reformatting, then, certainly, in the agenda there will be a question of early elections", - Yanukovych told.

Under the Constitution if during 30-ти days in Rada the coalition isn't created, the president has the right to dismiss parliament.

At the same time, according to the party leader of regions, early elections also won't solve political problems of Ukraine.

A year ago - on September 30, 2007 - the country already endured early elections which were urged to resolve political crisis. After that, according to experts, crisis only was aggravated.

The head of the secretariat of the president Victor Baloga declares that joint vote of BYuT fractions and Party of Regions became one more step to the constitutional revolution.

He declared it on September 2, reports a press - service of the president.

By its assessment, the coalition confirmed existence of serious internal contradictions which were shown even during the previous session.

According to Balogi, a BYuT fraction separation from the coalition and its interaction with opposition party of regions and communists become more and more obvious.

In his opinion, on Tuesday in Rada "one more act of legalization of this triumvirate when were проголосованы offers on consideration of bills (about changes in laws on Cabinet of Ministers, the Constitutional Court, temporary commissions of inquiry) who in total will create a basis for the constitutional revolution" took place.

Балога considers that its ultimate goal consists in formation and fixing of two-party system, cancellation of a position of the president.


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