The largest arsenal of Ukraine can blow up. The Kharkov regional council holds extraordinary session in Lozova

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In Lozova there will take place extraordinary session of the Kharkov regional council. Purpose: not to allow repetition of "a lozovsky syndrome" on the arsenal largest in Ukraine - Balakleysk.

The corresponding order was signed by the chairman of regional council Salygin.

Session will take place on Friday, September 5. On it deputies will consider a situation which developed owing to explosions of ammunition in military warehouses in the Lozovsky area, will discuss what measures it is necessary to take that the similar situation didn't repeat in other regions of area, and also will make changes to the regional budget for the purpose of assistance to victims.

And the day before, on September 4, in Lozova the emergency situation and a measure for the prevention of similar incidents will be considered further at the meeting by Association of local governments of the Kharkov area and members Is advisory - consultative council at the chairman of a regional council. Adoption of the concrete decisions directed on assistance by the victim is expected.

Deputies and members of Association also intend to discuss a question of implementation of system scheduled maintenance for the purpose of prevention in the repetition future of "a lozovsky syndrome" in the area territory as in Harkovshchina there are some more military arsenals including the largest in Ukraine.

It is 65-й an arsenal in the Balakleysky area (according to the experts, the Balakleysky arsenal is four times more than Lozovsky) where 250 thousand tons of ammunition are stored, it is thus located in three kilometers from the regional center, near the enterprises of chemical and oil-processing industry.

The similar arsenal is in Chuguev directly within the city. In the Shevchenkovsky area the warehouse of rocket fuel settles down.

We will remind that state of emergency in the territory 61-го an arsenal of the Ministry of Defence near Lozovaya of the Kharkov area happened on August 27, 2008 around 16.00. Explosions were audible up to September 1. Out of limits of a 5-kilometer zone more than 1,5 thousand people were evacuated, about 2 thousand more left this zone on own motor transport, out of limits of a 3-kilometer zone 4600 people are brought.

As a result of explosions some private houses burned down, schools No. 4 and 10, kindergartens No. 9 especially suffered


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