People's Deputy O. Novikov: "In 10 days, in what that didn't become, it is necessary to find a way out of the political deadlock"

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Stiffness in the relations between the former members on the coalitions which yesterday I became aggravated from - for joint votes of BYuT and Party of Regions on a number of anti-presidential laws proceeded and today, having taken sharper forms.

Actually today there is a question of dissolution parliament. And now after the address of the President this idea starts being shown even more.

Understanding all danger of current situation group of deputies "National Self-defense" led by Yury Lutsenko tries to keep unity of the democratic coalition. Since morning by "National self-defense" the message that they are surprised and shocked with "treachery" of NUNS which left the coalition was distributed. Moreover they declared support of BYuT and confirmed that only the democratic coalition as a part of those forces on the basis of which it was created, has to exist further.

However colleagues on the coalition didn't listen to an appeal of "National self-defense" and kept the decision in force. Then Yury Lutsenko tried to reconcile the parties personally. In his opinion from current situation he sees an exit in dismissal of the head of the Secretariat Victor Balogi who didn't hide long ago the plans for coalition reformatting. It is the only step to keep the democratic coalition. However the president didn't go to it. As a result the people received the next message of the President where I accused of everything BYuT and Tymoshenko personally and defined hour of H.

We addressed for comments to the People's Deputy of Ukraine, the member of National Self-defense group in the Verkhovna Rada, to the acting as the head of political party "National self-defense" Oleg Novikov.

It should be noted that he is the curator of the Nikolaev area from "National self-defense".

Oleg Vladimirovich emphasized that "National self-defense" categorically supports preservation of the democratic coalition as a part of NUNS and BYuT.

"Mi isn't approved the solution of the majority of deputies of NUNS on an exit from the democratic coalition, but also steps of deputies from BYuT lead only to an aggravation of a political situation in the country.We need urgently to sit down at a negotiating table and in 10 days, in what that didn't become, to find a way out of the political deadlock", - O. Novikov declared.


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