The Chernovitsky goes to rescue parliament

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The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will be the first bastion which the head wants to take Kiev. Thus the mayor emphasized that his politician and style of actions out of the capital remain invariable. "We will show to all country that we do the good in Kiev. We - the best team from all existing also show the stable growth of the capital …", - these words of the excentric mayor sounded a keynote of a today's briefing in KGGA.

The subject of a present public statement of Chernovetsky was originally planned slightly another - "Interaction of businessmen and the authorities in present conditions in Ukraine". However, considering a situation in the country after yesterday's events in parliament, the mayor changed an orientation of the revelations before the press a little. And what questions it wouldn't concern - everything was reduced to one: he, more than ever, wishes to extrapolate experience of capital management and personal ambitions on all state.

About sufferers and businessmen

The first part of performance of the mayor began with traditional "modest" compliments to itself. Chernovetsky didn't miss an opportunity to note that it is "one of the most skilled and prolific legislators". According to the mayor, he made for businessmen already that itself was the businessman of 17 years much and "a breast defended" adoption of the laws "About Public Morals" and cancellation of institute of write-off without acceptance (indisputable funds write-off from organization accounts without judgment or other body).

As for Kiev, Leonid Mikhaylovich noted: "I want to assure everyone who will become on a business way - the Kiev power will be all means to help businessmen". Here and to us It should be noted that "help" of the Kiev authorities receives ambiguous estimates from these businessmen. For example, this year KGGA I was up in arms against such types of business, as small trade, private route transportations, large transportations by van motor transport, etc. As for "steps towards" is, certainly, a consent to rise in prices by the grain enterprises, steps to privatization power - gas - the water supplying enterprises, transfer of zemuchastok under ofisno - trade, gotelny rooms and other steps directed on attraction of the large and average capitals.

Chernovetsky wants to see such practice across all Ukraine.Therefore he stated the despondency to that "the present Cabinet of Ministers at all doesn't promote development of medium business and work with unprotected segments of the population".

At the same time, Kiev the head I bragged supposedly its team I increased the help to those segments of the population which depend on the government. Besides we won't keep from the note. Interestingly - whether resources will suffice the Kiev command to provide a grocery ration to grandmothers of all country? And whether their voices in order that war with stalls will suffice, by Mafami and public industries was developed over all country?

Then, having left a subject of business and intra capital progress of "best team", the Kiev professor of law arranged small lecture on a constitutional law, having dared to sort at one stroke a present political situation in the country. Where there to the Constitutional Court!

Lecture of professor Chernovetsky

"Due to the political crisis which now happens in the country, I am compelled to pass from the planned subject of a briefing to pressing problems. To that, as for all country, all people. To a political and economic crisis in Ukraine. In connection with the last decisions of the Verkhovna Rada which try to liquidate a vertical of the presidential power in the country, I want to tell the following. The Kiev power, in - the first, isn't … the supporter of any decisions which are made today by one of power branches. We are away from policy, however I want to pay your attention, without excess trials who is right - who is guilty, on one essential thing. In my hands - the Constitution of Ukraine for which I voted! ".

On these words Leonid Chernovetsky pathosly shook over a table a small volume of the Basic Law with the gilded coat of arms.

"I want to tell that this Basic Law was adopted in order that each Ukrainian could use it. All other laws, all other decisions have to correspond to it. When the Constitution was adopted (it was very good time! ) all of us dreamed that and will be. Unfortunately, so didn't occur. I want to declare with full responsibility that this Law isn't observed. In particular - in judicial authority. Cases of its observance practically don't exist. If judicial authority used it - in Ukraine there would be no problems. Everything would be lawful, people would live better. And every day they would live everything better and better! ", - the mayor spoke.

After this, strastoterpets for the law "About Public Morals" started a lecture essence. "I want to pay your attention to about what the majority of you doesn't know. I spoke about it at the lectures on the right when taught. The constitution of Ukraine consists of two parts. One of them - the general part, and the second - special. Very few people know that all standards of the Constitution subsequent to the general part, codes, laws, resolutions have to correspond to the general part. But about it are silent both judges, and legislators … Performance of standards of the Constitution isn't favorable to any of power branches", - the mayor with skill emphasized.

Then short lyrical digression to which variations the head of state in the speeches - about the sovereignty resorts from time to time, spirituality and in a similar key followed. Leonid Mikhaylovich with a step and the arrangement similar to rhetoric of Victor Andreevich, began to quote some fragments from general provisions of the Constitution:

"If you want to find the answer to on what country today the law and than it is necessary to be guided - read some important provisions which are main for all other norms. The constitution is adopted "… realizing responsibility before God, own conscience, previous, present and the future generations". According to it, all branches of the power "carry out the powers in the framework established by this Constitution and according to laws of Ukraine". Besides, in the Basic Law it is written that Ukraine is "the sovereign, independent, democratic, social and constitutional state". It, once again I will note - the most important articles. All the others have to be read only taking into account the general part. "Nobody can usurp the government! ""... On these words the prolific legislator postponed the book and started blamestorming session of the Verkhovna Rada with Cabinet of Ministers.

Chernovitsky as the accuser

"… "Nobody can usurp the government", - the former lecturer in law rode out the skate and continued: - "Yesterday we observed a picture of violation of this basic provision of the Constitution. That made yesterday the Supreme Council, isn't subject to any criticism! It shows all essence of the events! ".

It is possible to tell that for the first time "skate" of thought Kiev the heads was so quick in attack on the prime minister Tymoshenko and her Blok. Chernovetsky absolutely supported the present boss - Victor Yushchenko in an assessment of the developed crisis as revolution.However got also to the guarantor Konstitution - for those times when he was the prime minister - the minister a little.

With approval of supporters of the President that - Victor Yushchenko's government of times of a kuchmizm was the most professional, Leonid Mikhaylovich disagreed.

"Any government for all history of Ukraine didn't work for people and wasn't successful. They pursued the personal interests. Any government didn't consider standard of the Constitution that Ukraine is the social state … But the present government shows perfect ignoring of the Basic Law. To take at least that inflation for half a year made more than 30%! It is the heaviest tax - an inflation tax", - I echoed words of one "unsuccessful ex-a premiere" Chernovetsky.

Then, having as though remembered the patron, the mayor recovered: "From the government to the government there were prime ministers more effective, less effective … But practically all ministers passing from one structure of Cabinet of Ministers into another is faceless, dull people. Call to me though one minister who would become famous and became the hero? In the government people who are engaged, generally in bad things sit. All of them use privileges and only, probably, the yard keeper of the cabinet doesn't use Mercedes … And the governmental majority in parliament? They are engaged in power repartition instead of canceling the privileges and inviolability".

Then, Leonid Mikhaylovich, having as though forgotten about the electoral policy, and partially, about prompt, though ambiguous actions (pre-election stops of buildings, increase of tariffs and the prices) I began to destroy the fairy tale that life of people, the cities and the countries it is possible to change quickly to the best.

"And before going on elections, the team of the prime minister was scattered by statements that already next day they will change life to the best. Now they absolutely lost the face. "Tomorrow someone will better live! Tomorrow we will take away privileges! ". Yes nonsense it everything! It is impossible to change during a moment country life one "populist" slogans", - on - Stalin having frowned eyebrows, Chernovetsky stated extreme indignation.

What the mayor approaching in Rada, prepares for us?

Having passed to answers to questions of journalists, Chernovetsky slightly muffled nation-wide rhetoric. At the same time I wasn't tired, as though accidentally, to insert the main message into the answers.

The mayor briefly concerned a transport problem of the Ukrainian capital, having added to intention of replacement of minibuses on full-scale buses desire as soon as possible to restore the tram message on Patton Bridge and to start the line of the easy subway down the street Borshchagovskoy. At the same time he slightly became puzzled on a question of why these promises still aren't kept: "I now will charge to learn the reason of it, and the tram will be". Probably, the mayor isn't familiar with opinion of the subordinates that the tram on Patton Bridge should be started after repair work on this bridge and completions of a motor transportation stage at the railway bridge.

Concerning the project of reorganization of areas Leonid Chernovetsky told that "… a question - crude. Meanwhile to speak about what area to liquidate - early. I will be guided by results of public hearings … And in general, if inhabitants of Kiev want two areas - there will be two. Will want one - there will be one area (…) And such practice needs to be transferred to the national project".

As for parliamentary elections and on places, the Kiev mayor shared the recipe of a right choice of political force: "It is necessary to look not at the leader, and at all list … And in the present Verkhovna Rada two thirds of deputies are illegal builders, billionaires - swindlers". By the way, Chernovetsky during a briefing repeatedly emphasized that he sold the business and urges to follow its example other politicians. However, at the same time, Chernovetsky, probably forgets that many of his Blok's members - the same businessmen, "rather rich people …", and, according to opinion of many political scientists, style of work of its team is similar on style of team of Yulia Timoshenko - rigidly centralized under the leader.

Kiev the head also I confirmed information on intention significantly to raise tariffs. This increase not will concern however everything, according to words of the mayor, and only large enterprises, entertaining institutions and that, "who is rather rich to pay to the city for utilities".

In summary Leonid Chernovetsky complained that lately to him often prevent to work as see in the person of his and his team "the strong contender in big-time politics".

Of course, sporadic phrases about "the mayor of all Ukraine" which proceeded from Leonid Mikhaylovich's lips earlier, developed today in more - less complete picture - Chernovetsky's Block decided to undertake parliament.

It is worth recognizing that Kiev, in comparison with all other Ukraine, for few years of board of the new mayor underwent a set of changes. Yes, there were in the capital new trolleybuses, the "mushroom" skyscrapers, new business centers, more - less acceptable level of salaries and all help "from the mayor". However among the same changes - an unreasonable rise in price of apartments, "wild" building of the downtown, destruction of monuments and an avalanche frozen "elite - the centers"!

Whether so extrapolation of reforms of the Kiev power all over the country is necessary is still a big question. As, actually, and the question - whether is capable to become Chernovetsky together with "best team" the savior of Ukraine …


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