Yushchenko doesn't intend to dismiss Balogu

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During a meeting of the president Victor Yushchenko with WELL-NANOSECOND fraction on Wednesday the head of state for the first time allowed members of fraction to criticize actions of the secretariat of the president, but nevertheless let know that doesn't intend to dismiss Victor Balogu.

About it on Thursday the Kommersant-Ukraina newspaper writes.

After early in the morning on Wednesday the presidential office was visited the speaker by Arseniy Yatsenyuk and the head of WELL-NANOSECOND fraction Vyacheslav Kirilenko, and later - the ministers appointed in the government on a quota "WELL - NANOSECOND", at 15.00 Yushchenko held a meeting with WELL-NANOSECOND fraction.

As writes the edition, approach of election campaign was felt and how the head of state answered questions of deputies of pro-presidential fraction. "Such was never - Yushchenko allowed to criticize Balogu and didn't interrupt us stop short when to it spoke about mistakes of the secretariat", - one of parliamentarians noted.

The head of the secretariat Victor Balogi at this meeting wasn't. At a hall there was only a deputy head of the joint venture Andrey Kislinsky who has become object of rigid criticism because it "daily extended charges to Yulia Timoshenko, without buttressing up the word by facts". Deputies specified Yushchenko that "this rough criticism doesn't bring expected results and beats on (his) rating".

Some people criticized Yushchenko's team in a context of his desire again to run for presidency: "In 2004 we won because opposed the openness of roughness, impudence and lie of opponents. And now roughness becomes a distinctive feature of officials of a president's team. How it is possible to win with this baggage? ". Yushchenko promised to think, but noted that doesn't see need "to reform the team".

The newspaper also writes that according to its sources in the joint venture, concern of Balogi in view of possibility of the BYuT union from PR and threat of national security in connection with disorder of the coalition was "affected".

"I can't tell that at us on Tuesday or on Wednesday any alarm was felt. On the contrary, appear, that the management as a whole is enough and that everything goes according to the plan. Today (on September 3), after speech of the president and meetings which he held, this impression became stronger", - one of interlocutors of the edition reported.


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