Kirill Kulikov: "National Self-defense doesn't take part in any demarches"

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So the People's Deputy from National Self-defense group commented on leaving "WELL - NANOSECOND" from BP meeting. He emphasized that the position of National Self-defense group consists in to doing any "demarches and clowneries on blocking of a tribune and an ignoriruvaniye of meetings of parliament. Also People's Deputy noted that People's Deputies are elected for this purpose to work in a sessional hall, and "not to go in a lobby on parliament and to declare that we won't go to a hall".

Besides the deputy have to высказаыватьь the pozitsiiya by vote and not support those bills which contradict Konstituttion of Ukraine.

"Here for what this demarche of NUNS? To seem on TV and again to tell what we good? " the People's Deputy


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